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  1. Everything but your texture settings. Your RAM allows you to keep those up with nary an impact on loading times. You do have a PCIe slot open, which means that you can easily upgrade your video card without any compatibility issues. The aforementioned 8600GT can be had for around $80. It'll be able to run the game on moderate-high settings, so you'll get a decent draw distance and a good amount of eye candy, too.
  2. Ouch, this is your problem. Turn all your graphics settings down very far. This chipset is technically capable of playing City of Heroes, but it won't be pretty. Antialiasing, Anisotropic Filtering, and World Detail (draw distance) should be the first things to go. I don't think that chipset supports Depth of Field effects, Desaturation Effects, Water Effects or Bloom, but turn them off if they aren't already. You can still keep your texture settings at something decent. If that doesn't work, then start dropping the Particle Count slider. Not pretty, but once you do that, it should be
  3. What're your system specs?
  4. It's often times other people. I've occasionally managed to get into a good match, but I usually get stuck in a horrid lag-fest. Playing with friends usually goes better if they have decent internet as well.
  5. GPUs have much higher heat tolerances than CPUs.
  6. I was at 1280x1024, but I ran it for around 8 minutes, leaving me with several gig worth of raw video.
  7. I wouldn't know why it's freezing. I've done longer FRAPS records with much larger files than that while playing City of Heroes, which is a decently taxing game. Then again, the game is on a different HDD than the one I was recording to, so that may have helped.
  8. RAID 0 is the only type of RAID array that not only doesn't offer any data protection but actually impairs it. If any drives in the array fail, then data for the entire array is lost. It's technically not a RAID array at all, as there is no redundancy. All other arrays offer either mirroring or parity. RAID 5 is the safest of the 4-drive arrays. The array can still function while one of the disks is removed and will be rebuilt once a new drive is inserted. Servers with this might even support hot swapping of drives. RAID 6 is a 5-drive version of RAID 5. The benefit is that two of the driv
  9. What he's saying is that he doesn't have a wireless network for the Wii to connect to. The Wifi adapter allows you to set up a small one.
  10. The Wii's actually rather good at detecting wireless networks. It does so better than the wireless card in my desktop. Judging from the distance of my neighbor's house, it can connect from around 70 feet, perhaps a bit more. As for the WiFi accessory, you can find many similar products from companies that do networking stuffs. It's just a USB WiFi adapter. You connect it to your computer and broadcast a wireless network for the Wii to connect to.
  11. Arcti-Clean, and it'll get off even the thermal pads that come on stock heatsinks with just a single wipe. Then it's got some other chemical that makes your heatsink all shiny new. I love it.
  12. RandomX


    Agreed on the Chocolate Milk.
  13. Neither will she, and her reaction will give you much valuable information to work with. She could get angry, she could get confused, she could burst out laughing, she could take it in stride and knee you in the junk, she could ignore it completely, and each of these possible actions gives us hints at her character and the status of your relationship. Now if you'll excuse me, I have to go cough some. I obviously haven't coughed enough today, which is why I seem to be getting it all done now.
  14. Everyone should do that to their significant other at least once, I think, for I am a relationship expert, having been in none of them myself.
  15. Ok, here we go, I think I've got it down: Go up to your girlfriend and ask her "how much do you love me?" As she begins to answer, cut her off, saying "obviously not enough." Then walk away.
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