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  1. When I pop the disk out while it's rebooting, it will error out saying that there is No bootable disk and then a couple of error as it trys to boot from the network and then it says press any key to continue. So I put the disk back in and it starts all over again and I'm stuck in the LOOP! I don't understand what could be wrong?
  2. OK I'm learning as we go so . . . When it makes a new partition, how do you know what kind it's making? If it is Dynamic, how do you change it? When it starts up, there is a note at the bottom "if you want to install a third party SASI driver press F6" but I don't think that pertains to my problem. As for SATA and PATA?? Not sure . . . this is an exact replacement drive and the computer does find it. The drive is 60.00GB. LBA is turned on how?? Thanks for the reply, I sure want to figure this out.
  3. I've already done that with no luck. I have deleted the partition and let windows make a new one 3 or 4 times now. Formatted it a few times . . . been messing with this for over a week. I have tried to install XP home and Pro with the same results. Then borrowed a friends disk just to make sure it wasn't that and still no luck. Here a week ago I thought this was gonna be easy. I know all the files loaded up until the PC reboots because when I use the repair wizard, it does find the harddrive. I can't figure it out?? What could it be?? Is there a battery on the mother board that could be dead and not saving the info?? Why does it always start at the beginning when it reboots?? After the XP disk loads, shouldn't it boot from the HDD . . but it doesn't, it boots from the XP disk. Is that why it keeps starting over?? If I remove the disk when it reboot, it won't do anything as there is no boot CD in the drive.
  4. I'll try that but don't have much faith. It would be cool if it was that easy. Update: Nope that didn't work, I let it run and it stopped at the screen that says: To load Windows XP, press enter To repair windows XP, press R To quit without installing windows XP, press F3. If I press enter, it will load for approx. 5 or 6 minutes then reboot and go right back to the screen with the above 3 choices.
  5. I bought a new hard drive for this Toshiba laptop Satellite A-65 and I'm having a really difficult time getting Windows XP to install. What is happening is, I format the disk, no problems . . I insert the XP disk and it boots up and starts to load. It asks if I want to install windows XP and I hit enter and it loads files for about 10 minutes. Once that is done, it saves the settings and tell me it will reboot in 15 seconds and set-up will continue. The problem I have is that it doesn't continue once it reboots, it starts over from the beginning . . over and over. I don't understand?? I've tried XP home addition and Pro. All with the same results. I know the drive is good and the partition is found?? Please any idea's?? All help is greatly appreciated
  6. Great idea . . . but tried it. Then I got this: No bootable CD in ATAPI CD-ROM Intel UNDI, PXE-2.0 (build) Copyright . . . . For Realtec RTL81349(X)/8130/810X PCI Fast Ethernet Controller v2.13 (020326) PXE-E61 Media Test Failure, check cable PXE-M0F Exiting PXE ROM Press any key when ready . . . . Over and over again!! Everytime you hit a key!
  7. It was an exact replacement for the old disk drive. Its a Toshiba MK6025GAS Disk Drive. The old one wouldn't boot and was making terrible noises. I thought this was going to be easy!
  8. I have formatted the disk 4 times now with the same result. I seem to be stuck in a loop and can't find my way out of it. When my windows XP installation disk gets to a point after loading about 10 minutes of files, it has to reboot . . . it says "windows must reboot but set-up will continue after that" . . it reboots but doesn't continue, it starts at the beginning again. . over and over.
  9. Now if I choose the repair Option by selecting "R", I go to: Microsoft Windows XP Rocovery Console Type EXIT to quit the Rocovery Colsole and restart the computer. 1: C:\WINDOWS Which Windows installation would you like to log onto (to cancel, press ENTER)? ___ So I insert the number one and press enter and I go to: C:\WINDOWS> Can I boot the computer from here?? Any other advice??
  10. OK I did that and now I am back to the same problem. HDD is first on the list and LAN is last. I'm back to square one as this is what I'm getting. No bootable CD in ATAPI CD-ROM Intel UNDI, PXE-2.0 (build) Copyright . . . . For Realtec RTL81349(X)/8130/810X PCI Fast Ethernet Controller v2.13 (020326) PXE-E61 Media Test Failure, check cable PXE-M0F Exiting PXE ROM Press any key when ready . . . . HELP!
  11. Ok I have deleted the partition on the C:/ drive and formatted the new partition (about 45 minutes) Then files were loading for about 10 minutes. Then it rebooted itself and setup spent the next couple minutes loading files again. Now I'm right back to where I started with 3 choices: * To set up windows XP now, press ENTER. * To repair Windows XP using Recovery Console, press R. * To quit Setup without installing Windows XP, press F3. HELP!
  12. I have a toshiba laptop here and I can't seem to get it too boot. I installed a new HD and it seemed to load ok but now that I installed the operating system on it, I keep getting an error as follows: PXE-E61 MEDIA TEST FAILURE, CHECK CABLE PXE-M0F EXITING PXE ROM PRESS ANY KEY WHEN READY I have adjusted the bios so that LAN is the last item in the boot list. When I install an XP disk, it loads alot of stuff and then asks if I want to repair the current OS or install a new one. If I select install a new one, it detects that there is already an OS on the disk and recommends not to install another. If I try to repair, all I can get to is C:/windows/ but no farther. This is a brand new HDD I just got today. I also formatted the new drive but ended with the same results. Please help!
  13. dionesis


    This guys a real clown!! Talk about nothing better to do!! Get a life!!
  14. Kylie, This time through, I scanned with the trojan and found nothing but then with the panda . . . . this time when I scanned, it deleted the virus but last time it said the virus was running in the background and couldn't be deleted. So that is finally gone!! Now I have a new computer to go through and who knows what it might have in store for us! LOL Thanks for all your help!! Everyone here has been awesome!!
  15. So now I downloaded the current version of NAV hoping the definitions would include something for this virus, but after upgrading . . . no luck. NAV still doesn't find the virus???? I will now try to contact NAV to see how they can help me with this virus! All help is always appreciated!! Is there a way to scan the Norton anti virus to make sure the definitions aren't corrupt??
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