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  1. hello this me and my husband

  2. Hi glad to see things are getting better and she is on the mend i hope all is ok with dad too
  3. Hi mouse, bruce, and dickster Oki had the moden set up on the pc with the problem, each one is run through a hub, so i have taken out the modem and unisalled the software to it, now i have made my sons the main PC and put my own on the network through the hub, now i have had it running nearly 24 hours with no crashes and no black screens at all. and my sons has been running fine with no problems at all. I think Bruce hit the nail on the head. I would like to thank you all for the great help you have given me, i am useing the pc now to write this. I am so pleased again thank you i will be a round for a while. see you all latter
  4. Hi there sorry it has taken me so long to get back, i work now so in bed early lol ok my windows disk comes with service pack 2 on it mouse i use ADSL modem i do get on the net but for only a min or 2 before i get the black screen, i forgot to say the PC this is happening to is the main one and the other 3 PC's network through it. thats 2 desktops and 1 laptop I got a couple of questions for you: 1 - If you don't attempt to surf the web, do you still get the blank screen? yes if i try to open games is the worst 2 - Are you using Internet Explorer? Mozilla? Firefox? i use Internet Explorer 3 - Do you have service pack 2 installed for XP Home? or couldn't you get on line to get it? it comes on my windows disk 4 - Do you happen to have a spare video card laying around? pci or agp? no i don't its all built on the mother board which uses VIA everything is on board graphics, sound. networking caintry_boy i am going to set the PC up as soon as i see whats there i will send you the answer, nice to see you again and you mouse. thank you to all who is trying to help me sort this
  5. I am so hoping someone can help solve a 3 month old problem i have with this mother board It as kept me out of pit for too long. I have had to use my sons pc just to get here for help ok i have built this system myself, it as K8MM-V board via chipset 64 bit AMD SEPRON cpu 2600 1024 ram DDR 40 and 120 hard drive dvd rw dvd player operating system XP HOME Now what happens is when i go on the internet i get a black screen with just a white cursor. so i went to msi and they told me to stop a process called SLOW-DOWN-CPU so i did that and it went fine for a few days. So i tryed it on the net again, same thing black screen white curser, so back to msi they said its a grafic problem update driver, so i did just that, i went on the internet and what happens yes black screen white cursor. i am at my wits end now and cant even use the PC to get here for help, so i have had to use my sons untill it is sorted. As anyone had the problem if so how did you stop it? if not can anyone help me to stop it i feel so feed up as this as been the first one i have ever built, and wishing i had spent the money on a shop built one
  6. Any room for loveable Moon, please please love you i know i know i am late but but
  7. I am still here, just busy trying to get my BA Honers Degree in Computing and Science, I pop up every now and then. Still love you all the same. I will be with you all for christmas as all ways, so see you then if not before. Oh ya moon whats the christmas play this year, i will be back latter to find out he he Hello Volt and Jazzy miss ya loads. Powerchucker what you up to now hows your lovely wife. caintry_boy hi ya nice to see you again and kd5 Inprofile wheres my weather report Tracy hi ya hello to anyone i have missed out god i miss you all, see you all soon love and hug loveable xxxxxxxxx
  8. Dog_ soldier I no where you are coming from i am so glad i turned this pc on or i would not have known, yes the tears just keep coming, i hope everyone you know is safe and well
  9. Sorry everyone i have only just heard, i just turned on my laptop and there was a news flash from the BBC news my heart goes out to everyone there i will pray for everyone. Does anyone remember x5dr he lives in New Orleans, as any one heard from him or know if he is ok. I wish i could be there to help all those who have suffered. I don't know what to say i am in shock i hope all who live in the US are safe and well god what a mess mother nature can be so cruel
  10. marigold mock turtle my don't i look pretty great confidence boost :santagrin:
  11. now now Brucey be carefull i could just fill you pm box
  12. i am a woman i can cope :santagrin:
  13. but but dont you like that nice dress i found for you thanks moon i hope the 2 parts dont have to talk to each other that would be fun
  14. OK does this help with your character Ebenezer Scrooge, a "tight-fisted hand at the grindstone," mean and mercenary, cold, self-absorbed and lonely. Gentlemen Collecting for Charity, two citizens of London concerned for the poor. Jacob Marley and his Ghost, as stingy and mean as his business partner Scrooge, dead for seven years. The Ghost of Christmas Past, a strange figure, like a child and like an old man. Fezziwig, owner of a warehouse where Scrooge was an apprentice as a boy, a fair and thoughtful man. Mrs. Fezziwig, Fezziwig's jovial wife. Dick Wilkins, an eager young Fezziwig apprentice when Scrooge was also there. Belle, Scrooge's fiancé and only true love, when he was a youth; a "fair young girl," sensible and wise. Belle's Husband, a loving father, with the family Scrooge might have had. The Ghost of Christmas Present, a jolly giant, friendly but a stern teacher. Bob Cratchit, Scrooge's Clerk, timid, hard-working, a family man barely able to make ends meet. Mrs. Cratchit, Bob's wife, dedicated to her family, worried about their health and finances. Belinda, Martha, and Peter Cratchit, Bob's older children. Tiny Tim, youngest Cratchit child, a brave bright cripple, small for his age. Two Young Cratchits, in age, between Tim and the others. Fred, Scrooge's Nephew, happy, successful, friendly, generous—everything his uncle is not. Scrooge's Niece, Fred's wife, "exceedingly pretty." The Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come, silent, unforgiving, the image of death. Old Joe, a dealer in used household goods and discarded metals, sly and dirty. Rag Picker, old, poor, resourceful, unscrupulous, a "client" of Old Joe. Boy in the Street, youngster who runs an errand for Scrooge. Jazzy i get to be your daughter and if volts Bob then he's me dad
  15. ok moon i will take on Marigold Fezziwig i would make a good marigold and i will be betsy but god knows how one is going to switch coustumes good sir :santagrin: :santa:
  16. cant someone play to parts moon sorry i been quite been washing me dress
  17. ok then if you are sure i will be in the back ground but with pants like that i dont think he will be cold
  18. Dasiy you best hurry up these men are out of controll i think a hose pipe should do it :santagrin: lindalou if they give you hassle just shout we girls are here but i have to be honest you look great must tell moon to turn up the heating cant have you cold
  19. good idea daisy what must mrs moon think of him dressed like that moon yes i think you better poor mrs moon ikebut very good i hope you keep this up for opening night by the way moon are we geting closer to it my dress is getting smell wearing it every day
  20. here you go sir t just as moon requested http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v610/lov...ragon/sirt1.jpg
  21. sir t it could be arranged :santagrin:
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