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  1. hello this me and my husband

  2. Hi glad to see things are getting better and she is on the mend i hope all is ok with dad too
  3. Hi mouse, bruce, and dickster Oki had the moden set up on the pc with the problem, each one is run through a hub, so i have taken out the modem and unisalled the software to it, now i have made my sons the main PC and put my own on the network through the hub, now i have had it running nearly 24 hours with no crashes and no black screens at all. and my sons has been running fine with no problems at all. I think Bruce hit the nail on the head. I would like to thank you all for the great help you have given me, i am useing the pc now to write this. I am so pleased again thank you i w
  4. Hi there sorry it has taken me so long to get back, i work now so in bed early lol ok my windows disk comes with service pack 2 on it mouse i use ADSL modem i do get on the net but for only a min or 2 before i get the black screen, i forgot to say the PC this is happening to is the main one and the other 3 PC's network through it. thats 2 desktops and 1 laptop I got a couple of questions for you: 1 - If you don't attempt to surf the web, do you still get the blank screen? yes if i try to open games is the worst 2 - Are you using Internet Explorer? Mozilla? Firefox?
  5. I am so hoping someone can help solve a 3 month old problem i have with this mother board It as kept me out of pit for too long. I have had to use my sons pc just to get here for help ok i have built this system myself, it as K8MM-V board via chipset 64 bit AMD SEPRON cpu 2600 1024 ram DDR 40 and 120 hard drive dvd rw dvd player operating system XP HOME Now what happens is when i go on the internet i get a black screen with just a white cursor. so i went to msi and they told me to stop a process called SLOW-DOWN-CPU so i did that and it went fine for a few days. So i t
  6. Any room for loveable Moon, please please love you i know i know i am late but but
  7. I am still here, just busy trying to get my BA Honers Degree in Computing and Science, I pop up every now and then. Still love you all the same. I will be with you all for christmas as all ways, so see you then if not before. Oh ya moon whats the christmas play this year, i will be back latter to find out he he Hello Volt and Jazzy miss ya loads. Powerchucker what you up to now hows your lovely wife. caintry_boy hi ya nice to see you again and kd5 Inprofile wheres my weather report Tracy hi ya hello to anyone i have missed out god i miss you all, see you all soon love
  8. Dog_ soldier I no where you are coming from i am so glad i turned this pc on or i would not have known, yes the tears just keep coming, i hope everyone you know is safe and well
  9. Sorry everyone i have only just heard, i just turned on my laptop and there was a news flash from the BBC news my heart goes out to everyone there i will pray for everyone. Does anyone remember x5dr he lives in New Orleans, as any one heard from him or know if he is ok. I wish i could be there to help all those who have suffered. I don't know what to say i am in shock i hope all who live in the US are safe and well god what a mess mother nature can be so cruel
  10. marigold mock turtle my don't i look pretty great confidence boost :santagrin:
  11. now now Brucey be carefull i could just fill you pm box
  12. i am a woman i can cope :santagrin:
  13. but but dont you like that nice dress i found for you thanks moon i hope the 2 parts dont have to talk to each other that would be fun
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