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  1. ok so ive had to reinstall windows 7... having some new issues that i will post in the right forum... but thanks to all who have helped ... cheers
  2. last question.... it was originally a win vista with the win 7 update do i have to do vista or can i use the key for win 7
  3. is there a way to get/make win cd and use the keycode under the laptop
  4. ok guys ... im starting to thing that its a corrupt explorer.exe .... when i go to task manager and kill explorer.exe and go new task and and readd it.... the start menu pops up for a split second and disappears again.. any ideas?....
  5. how do i get it to run from a usb drive from cmd? and ya i pressed the windows key
  6. so i was able to create a new user and login to it.... says preparing your desktop.... desktop loads up with the standard windows wallpaper and thats it... no start button no icons just a wallpaper ... when i do atl ctrl del and open task manager, o applications are loaded in there
  7. well i really havent done anything... this is the way i got the laptop to fix and i dont have a win 7 cd
  8. so now i tried this...... Open CMD Write powershell -Command "Start-Process cmd -Verb RunAs" and press Enter A pop-up window will appear asking to open a CMD as administrator then i created a new user... and it worked but then i click on the new user it says ... the group client service failed the logon
  9. ok i found how to do that.... net user (name) /add and that says : system error 5 has occurred
  10. is there a way to create a new user from cmd?
  11. says theres no image found
  12. says invalid syntax value expected for /pid if i do taskkill /c /pid ......... says invalid agrument
  13. i cant get to start?
  14. when i have the task manager open and go to services i tried to end slimservice it says access is denied
  15. ok i tried the restore point it shoed 4 i tried them 1 at a timr and still pink..... i tried the taskkill.. only one i see that looks like slimcleaner is ..... slimservicefactory.exe i tried the taskkill on it and says ....invalid agrument/option /c type taskkill /? for usage
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