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  1. In the home network I setup, with this computer Ic an accsess everyones shared files, but on their computer, they can not accsess any shared files on this computer. This computer uses windows xp SP2 The steps I have taken to troubleshoot this, is one I've uninstalled and reinstaled the network diver, and resetup the network for this computer. With no success. I've also gone through all the windows services, made sure they are all correct, useing a website, those are all fine. Still no computers can accsess this network. I have even added the usernames of the other computers on this one with no success. The error I keep getting is that access is denied.
  2. For the file you want to Del. Del it in safe mode. it should del fine in there. To get to safe mode press F5 on bootup. Now for your settings problem try removing your comman task. to make it easy go to this site http://www.dougknox.com/xp/scripts_desc/xp...ask_desktop.htm
  3. I have a 430Watt power supply I've tried it running less stuff and it still crashed, it's getting annoying
  4. anyway to fix the hardrive to make it work better? it's a IBM Deskstar Model: IC35L040AVVA07-0 rpm:7200rpm MLC:H32575 CHS:16383/16/63 LBA: 80.418.240 sectors
  5. I've ran it from a diff harddrive same result. I"ve had these problems for sevreal months acctully I have 3 computers so haveing the problem didn't affect me that badly.... I'm just tired of it I intalled the beta macaffee after the first week so had it on for a week
  6. alright after I check the memory I'll check those thanks. I need to go if anyone has any more sugestions I'll read them when I get back..... thanks everyone for the help so far... right now I'm willing to try anything
  7. I have 7 fans in my computer... and only 1 of those fans are small and I'm counting the 2 fans in my power supply copying windows xps msconfig.exe... never thought of that.. usefull. I don't know why it's scoring that low.... how weird.
  8. I have 3 seprate harddrives but it's not a harddrive problem I've used diff hardrives and got the same problem.... msconfig doesn't work in 2k server you have to do it in the regestry. but the problem is still there even when I just freashly bring up the machine new OS and everything. I even under clocked the cpu and it would still happen....
  9. I can't see anything wrong in Event Veiwer.
  10. I sugest trying a new network card it's all I can think of... thats ok I'm at my wits end trying to fix my own computer and I have a board up and everything just so far no one has been able to help. oh well..... life goes on... good luck with your computer.
  11. no lights when the cable is pluged in? and if the cable is good... and is hooked to the network... well no lights is bad...... if you have a extra network card you can put that in see if it works that way...........
  12. ok when you put the network cable into the slot there is some light that will show are those lights on? now if they are... one thing you might want to do is try and get a update for the drives if there is any... see if that helps.. right click mycomputer click properters click hardware, click devise manager and see if there is any quetion mark or things windows is haveing a problem with.
  13. http://www.pcpitstop.com/techexpress.asp?id=HC70LWY6VMUS14TE
  14. www.pcpitstop.com/techexpress.asp?id=HC70LWY6VMUS14TE there I did another test everything is now all checkered flags and my computer is still havening the problem
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