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  1. Pit test: http://www.pcpitstop.com/techexpress.asp?id=Q1XSMWP7WVRSZ407 @ 1190 PC mark: http://service.futuremark.com/compare?pcm04=2751558 @ 2589 3D mark: http://service.futuremark.com/compare?2k1=8355606 @ 6827 AMD Sempron 2400+ @ 1.667 GHZ air cooling internet: 100
  2. Ok... all I found was a tracking cookie and an entry for "Free AOL and unlimited internet" in my IE favorites. (I dont use IE anymore.
  3. It didn't find any infections. I ran it over night so my computer was on all night. I am going to scan for spy/adware now.
  4. Im gonna wrap it up for now. Its getting late over here. BTW, I dont have an extra power supply. I am scanning for viruses as we speak. Thanks! Bye.
  5. Ok, im back from experementing and it turns out that if I don't have a mem'ry stick in slot A, the Vid card doesnt work. I tried my old vid. card and it didn't help. Oh, and I cant boot from a floppy disk for some reason.
  6. If you call 6 months ago "recently" then yes. I will try different mem'ry slots. Thanks!
  7. I installed Sp2 about 3 weeks ago. yes, the BIOS has been updated. I do have a nother ideo card to try.
  8. I have tried all 3 sticks. Every time I have 1 stick in, doesnt matter wich one, my video card doesnt send an output.
  9. Sorry, didn't work. My video card didn't work when I only had 1 stick of RAM in. :help:
  10. Everytime I press a key while booting it freezes. :help:
  11. Hi! I was using my computer earlier today, and when I booted up, it was fine. When I just now booted it, it started booting like usual, but it did not display the RAM test and hard drive detection as it usually does. Instead, it showed only what the CPU was and what clock speed it was running at. Then, four highly-pixelated images showed up on screen. then, it brought me back to the BIOS booting screen, but the font was orange and the "Energystar" picture was gray. It stayed like this and the booted normally into Windows XP. Windows XP ran really slowly and crashed when only one pr
  12. I fixed it! Ive got 80GB of hard drive space at my disposal now...
  13. On my hard drive, having no jumpers just makes the computer not detect it. thanks anyways
  14. It turns out that the only way for me to get my computer to fully boot up with my new hard drive is to set it on the 32GB clip setting. :help: Can anyone help me try and troubleshoot this? Thanks. -6jamesr6
  15. The problem is not the file system but the BIOS (even updated) will not recognize the entire drive. I will try to go to the manufacturers website and get the info... But right now I cant becuause the system freezes up when I try to put it in user mode. -6jamesr6
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