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  1. I did. I"m on DSL. The first download is the one with NetBeans. Should I uninstall it and download the one you suggested or just uninstall NetBeans? Thanks.
  2. What is NetBeans. It comes bundled with update 7. Can I delete it w/o messing up Java? Thanks.
  3. It worked. Never would have thought of that.
  4. Up until several months ago, I could go to the Forum site and not have to log in. I can still do this on the computer at work. However, at home, I have to log in each time even though I have "remember me" checked. I have Wxp home with ie7 beta. Thanks in advance.
  5. This message appears almost every time I start the computer. I can fix it by going to the control center and activating the e mail scanner. Is there a way to permanently activate it? Thanks.
  6. Spybot searches for CWS, so the program seems to be redundant.
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