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  1. Hi there, Just wanted to let everyone know that I just went out and bought a cheap pci sound card and everything is working fine now. Thanks for the help with everything, Matt
  2. An update with some good news I put jumpers on pretty much every unused pin on the mobo because I was getting kinda desperate and guess what?! It works The speakers have a lot of static and the quality isn't great so I am going to play around with the settings and see if I can get it to be better. Thanks for everyone's help
  3. Updated drivers from website. It is not on mute. Windows shows drivers are installed and working correctly. Is on "Auto" in BIOS (choices either Auto or disabled). I also checked to make sure the jumpers are configured correctly on the motherboard according to the manual. Any other ideas?
  4. Thanks for the help again duanester. The Realtek AC97 is the preferred device under audio properties (the only other choice was bluetooth audio). Thanks, Matt
  5. Reinstalled the Realtek AC97 sounds drivers that came on the disk to no avail. Is there more updated drivers I need to use? - Matt
  6. Hi guys, I got it to work! Turns out I was plugging the wrong 4 power pin in, i was plugging the one that breaks off (for 24 pin mobos) and not the seperate wire. Anyways, I installed the new video drivers, everything's working good, except one thing. The sounds not working. :crash: It was working fine before I updated and I'm pretty sure the sound is built into my motherboard. Any ideas? Thanks, Matt
  7. The motherboard is a MS-6788 ATX, case is a Gigabyte GZ-XX1CA-SNS (SNB is the black version), and power supply is a SmartPower 500w (if you needed to know that).
  8. duanester, Indeed, that was not plugged in However, now that it is plugged in, it doesn't do anything (i.e. sit there, no response). If you unplug it, then it goes back to what it was doing. Any ideas?
  9. badbinary, Thanks so much for the help. It is a 500w power supply, so that seems unlikely. However, I did not use spacers because in my old case it did not have them so I figured I didn't need them. Should I install the spacers (and how do I do this)? Thanks, Matt
  10. Hi there :beer: I bought a new case, power supply, and video card for my system and transfered the components from the old case into the new one and installed the new power supply and video card. I plugged in the power cord, monitor, keyboard, and mouse and hit the power button. The light for the power turned on and the fans (both CPU and PSU) started then it all turned off after a few seconds. I checked the cables and everything looks (to my newbie eyes) to be connected properly. I would greatly appreciate any suggestions. Thanks, Matt
  11. mpfeif101

    Site Hijack?

    Okay... I did a WHOIS of the site, found the host, Pipex.net, and sent the following email to their abuse email address:
  12. mpfeif101

    Site Hijack?

    Check out their homepage... they do it for google and other sites as well
  13. Just started the torrent for the DVD... only 23 days remaining And I have cable...
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