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  1. Thanks for the link. I may end up trying that. I guess I can always return it if it doesn't work. What is it about treadmills and causing interference on powerlines? I started searching for it and it seems like others have the same issues with treadmills among some other 'noisy' devices.
  2. We have about 5 ethernet powerline adapters in our house (2 yrs old). They all have been working fine. Today we installed a new treadmill. Whenever the treadmill is turned on, one of the computers that connects using the powerline adapter can no longer get online. Whenever the treadmill is turned off the internet works fine. So the treadmill is probably causing noise on the same power circuit the computer is on. I tried other power outlets but they are all close together so probably all same circuit and it did not help. Are there any devices available that can help reduce noise on th
  3. Lord of the Rings??? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6ZkL3C-M7XM&feature=relmfu
  4. On the laptop go to Control Panel > (All Control Panel Items) > Administrative Tools > Computer Management > Local Users and Groups > Groups > double click on Remote Desktop Users Add the account of the user that is allowed access. Try RDP again and login as the user that you just added to the group.
  5. Is the printer shared on your desktop (the computer that it is directly connected to)? If yes, on the laptop did you add the networked printer and set it as default? Easiest way is to click on Start and in the search or run field type \\<NameofDesktopComputer> Once you connect to your desktop you should see the shared printer. Just double click on it to add it. Also remember that your desktop has to be turned on and not sleeping/hibernating when you try to print from another machine. Regarding the question about PCL 5 or 6 ... it should not matter if one computer has 5 and
  6. I have seen that issue. Complete uninstall / reinstall of Firefox fixed the issue. Backup your favorites first. Completely uninstall Firefox. Download the latest version and reinstall. I am not sure what the issue is - when I was working on the problem I checked security settings, java script, installed latest flash, java, etc.. Nothing worked until I reinstalled Firefox.
  7. Also - are you manually downloading the .NET Framework? I believe it would be best to get everything through Windows Update along with all the other updates if you have not done that already. Windows update should automatically install .NET for you if its missing or outdated.
  8. Try this: 1. Click on Start 2. In the text box for 'Search program and files' type in: powercfg.cpl and hit the Enter key. That should open up the power management console.
  9. If you run ipconfig /all from the command line on your laptop when you are connected via WIFI and look at the wifi adapter properties are you getting assigned the same subnet and gateway as your domain controller? Another thing you can try is setting the primary DNS on the laptop to the IP address of your domain controller.
  10. Do you have anything else under Network Adapters in the device manager? 6TO4 Adapter is not the Network Card. According to Microsoft it can be ignored even though it has an exclamation mark next to it.
  11. Could you explain again what you are trying to do? Are you trying to join your laptop to the domain?
  12. I can't figure this problem out. We have a client running Windows XP Pro SP2. The computer is on a domain. They are using MS Outlook 2003 SP2 on an exchange server. User has various PST files added to Outlook. Periodically when user is working in Outlook she gets the following error - Outlook then restarts: Event Type: Error Event Source: Microsoft Office 11 Event Category: None Event ID: 1000 Date: date Time: time User: username Computer: computername Description: Faulting application outlook.exe, version 11.0.6353.0, stamp 408f2937, faulting module mspst32.dll, version 11.0.6357.
  13. I had the same issue on all 3 of my computers after the latest AVG 8 Free update. I had to completely uninstall AVG, reboot, reinstall and re-apply the updates. Now it is working fine.
  14. This thread is worthless without pictures.
  15. 'Antichrist Superstar' - Marilyn Manson
  16. The Scorpions - "Humanity" New CD is coming out this Tuesday (28th) !!!
  17. So does it fail completely or does it complete with exceptions. In any case, if it happens again look at the log and see what file / directory its failing on.
  18. You can add 1 GB of RAM and get a new video card (PCI-E) instead of the integrated graphics card you have now. That could also improve performance. Also, Vista Basic is really XP with all the updates and nicer skin- its missing the essential features of higher Vista versions....see if you can upgrade to Home Premium.
  19. If its a hardware issue and they are just replacing parts they shouldn't even be going through your programs. Normally they just replace the parts - boot up the computer to make sure its working - install drivers (if necessary) - check device manager and return it to the owner.. I had a motherboard replaced in my Dell laptop - the tech came out - swapped the board - made sure the computer got to the login screen and left
  20. If its under warranty I would call the manufacturer ASAP Even if you have to send it out its better than replacing parts at your own cost --- in a laptop Plus you never know - maybe your warranty includes on-site service.
  21. It may - but I think it requires ACPI 2.0 support. I had to enable it in the BIOS - was OFF by default.
  22. You mentioned that the laptop is less than a year old. Is it under warranty?
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