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  1. i had to pull my creative sound card due to the drivers experation date. i reall ylike vista tho. everything seems soo smooth, and my computer isnt th best and it still runs great.
  2. wow this thread is still alive? ok here we go again. MS is making money off the 360. around 75$ a unit. yes sony is throwing away 250 bucks per ps3 sold. yes gears of war is the best looking game out. GTHD for the ps3 was dropped and is not comin out anymore, thus the reason why a free demo came out. and yes the ps3 has hdmi which the 360 doesnt, but what good is hdmi when you dont have any cool games to play?
  3. had my psp since launch and ive done about everything you can do with it. from making it a tv remote to watching movies on it. i got a 2 gb memory stick and i can fit a ripped dvd or two with great quality on it. some good free programs out there, but the best one that i have used is the psp movie creator. it rips and transcodes your dvds and makes them look great.
  4. http://www.techspot.com/news/23612-microso...0-hardware.html microsoft is making money on the 360 now.
  5. sony looses 250 and 300 USD on every ps3 sold. in order to break even sony has to sell 6 games with every ps3 sold. microsoft is making 75 usd on every xbox 360, and the wii is making i believe around 125 bucks on each console sold.
  6. HD DVD movies out. http://www.amazon.com/HD-DVD/b/ref=amb_lin...p;node=16295741 Blu-Ray movies out. http://www.amazon.com/Blu-ray-DVD/b/ref=am...p;node=16295751 as of right now HD DVD has more movies out, and is selling better than blu-ray. the ps3 has not boosted blu-ray sales at all and every fanboy thought that it would. http://www.thedvdwars.com/index.cfm
  7. even if you compare the launch games of the 360 to the ps3 you can see that all the games scored higher and looked better. take for example Perfect dark zero vs Resistance fall of man. two first person shooters, one made a year ago, the other just release for the all powerful ps3. which one do you think scored higher on multiple review sites. not RFOM. PDZ went AAA at launch when RFOM only got a AA rating. what else does the ps3 have right now besides rfom and genji that isnt on the 360 right now? ps3 games http://www.gamespot.com/ps3/index.html?tag=nav-top;ps3 xbox 360 gameshttp://www.games
  8. omg please show me the good games that are out on the ps3 right now. ps3 has nothing.all of the games that are out now are ports of xbox 360 games and flops. not one AAA title in the ps3 lineup. and the games that are on both the 360 and the ps3 look and play better on the 360. as far as blu-ray built in, tell me how many people bought a ps3 did it for the cheap blu-ray player they installed? blu-ray movies dont look at good as hd dvd movies and thats a fact. the new york times and time mag just did a story on the ps3 saying it wasnt worth the money and that they werent impressed at all by wha
  9. one :the price is way too high. only hardcore gamers or people who want to sell on ebay will get a ps3 for 500 and 600 bucks, everyone else has to deal with the crazy high auction prices. two:sony is forcing an unproven media on people . if the ps3 didnt have a blu-ray drive, the price could be about 200 dollars cheaper. three: exclusives are a thing of the past. sony had all the big games back in the day, which is why so many people bought a ps1 and 2. now it costs too much for 3rd party devs to create games for one platform, which is good for us now. four:currently with the games whic
  10. the GPU in the PS3 has been proven weaker than the 360's. from what i have read the 360's gpu is based off the r600 which is ATI's unreleased top dog. the RSX is a watered down 7900 gt, which nvidia just made obsolete with the release of the 8800. Epic President Mark Rein ripped SONY. Responding to the Playstation maker's claims of being the inaugurators of "true" next-generation videogameing, the outspoken Rein retorted: "Sony says the next generation starts when they say so. I say , that's bull****. Gears Of War is the first second-generation game for X Box 360 and it looks very f
  11. i gotta say i have played a ps3 and im not impressed at all. no way is it worth 500 and 600 bucks. the games looks no better and in some games worst than the 360 release. loadtimes are soo long, like 27 sec load without the files loaded on the hard drive. ill pass on this pos3
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    that still doesnt explain why millions of people bought into halo 1 and 2 before anyone knew anything about the halo universe and before bungie made a name for itself. harry potter i can kinda understand, but then again i never played the game. anyone who has played WoW will tell you that they didnt buy the game because blizzard made it, they bought it because they liked the series and wanted to play online with other people.
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    while there are better games out and i mean BETTER GAMES than listed, i can see how the sims came out in first as far as units sold. IMO this link doesnt support your "the general populace having bad taste" case at all. its all about what people like. people like a game and they buy it. if you dont like a game you dont buy it. in the case of halo millions of people loved it for the xbox and pc. halo took fps shooting to another level which is why people love it. if you wanted to make me a supporter of the general populace having bad taste claim you should have used the election of George W. Bu
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    its already been confirmed by nintendo that the wii really has the same hardware as the gamecube. http://www.kotaku.com/gaming/shiggy/miyamo...a-gc-205086.php
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    not trying to be an but maybe its you that doesnt have good taste when it come to good games. halo must have done something right to become the killer app it is today. i mean when new shooters are brought into play they are always compared to halo by top game websites and mags. no fps has come close to what halo is.
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