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  1. hi fellas a few things i did to see the web site i earlier mentioned.what i did was i clicked on NORTON ANTIVIRUS or NORTON INTERNET SECURITY .then clicked on OPTIONS clicked on that and then i went to where it says WEB CONTENT.i added the krisbekcakes site then i changed a few settings for this site..i clicked on GLOBAL SETTINGS and i permitted INFORMATION ABOUT VISITED SITES.and up popped the site,so every things ok..by the way i dont know if this will stop all red x from now on but i live in hope.. http://support.microsoft.com/?kbid=283807 helpfull link the bit where it says information about visited sites. these settings specify whether web sites can request your browsers http-referer ,which includes the address of the web site from which you came.. monty
  2. hawk. apex_9 slide ive got it .its my norton antivirus ..blocking it somwhere down the line ..duhh sorry i need to enable certain rules in the norton antivirus to show the site i dont know what to do but will get back with the info...dont believe it i disabled norton and bang there the site was...but i want to take this oppertunity to thank you all....DISABLE YOUR ANTIVIRUS SOFTWARE AT YOUR OWN RISK..ps for the newbies... monty..the total duffer
  3. thanks apex_9 and slide i dont know now, i am as the title says stumped..got no idea now...and yes i do have show pictures ticked..will let you know if i get sorted.thanks again. monty 66
  4. thanks fellas for your help in this ,but ive tried everything above but still having probs.ive found a bit of info and it says this .........Often the red X is all you will see when a page LINKS to an inage that is residing on another server that refuses to allow remote linking. im wondering if this is the problem..by the way i will put the link to the site..dont laugh its cakes...shes a friend ok..ha anyway if anyone comes up with any other good ideas please farward them ..bye.. ps let me know also if anyone else is getting the dreaded X monty..link..http://www.krisbekcakes.co.uk/cakes.htm
  5. hawk .im not having any luck with this dreaded red x ive downloaded the java but its not working on that site monty
  6. apex 9 no im a on broadband so its running at 700 plus
  7. thanks for the help guys.yes its only the link to the site in question .i now and then get a red x say if i look for a pic within google .but come to think of it not often.so it could be the site...ps i just got some info she said it works from her pc and her friends so .im not sure thanks monty
  8. can anyone help .im trying to view my friends web site and when i go to it all i get is every image has not loaded and has a small red box with a red x in it ..im stummped .can you help isit something to do with activ x controls im not sure monty
  9. yes i understand now....just i did not realise it could be so easy..and theres not a way i could see if its there in any case .but i thank you guys for the help ..i dont claim to be a tech .head or i would not be pestrering nice chaps like yourself.....and on that note thanks for all your help monty
  10. also i did a full norton scan and i see clear..so maybe im ok.what do you think monty
  11. JP-It what is hans saying there is it wrong to do what he says .i dont really understand .what he means as in ie tools and stuff
  12. JP-IT its C:\Documents and settings/montylocal settings tep internet files/content..this is folowed by numbers and then /run(1)htlml thanks monty
  13. actuall jp-It i noticed norton said it cant repair it .am i still safe
  14. ive got this bloodhound.exploit.6 and ive tried to download the security bullitin from microsoft a patch..and when i try and open the patch it says i need outlook express 6.0 service pack...when i look at my version ive got the newest one which is 6.02800.1106.. i think i need the older one which is 6.00.2600.0000 .i think this is the one before i downloded this sp 1 pack..so the point is i cant get this new patch for the bloodhound to work on the newer version of oulook...help..monty
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