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  1. H Tex , or anyone else for that matter , Have you ever ran Driver Booster 7 to update Drivers , so far ran in win 7 home an win 10 home , no problems , my Motherboards are oldish GA-EP35-DS3P on both Towers , and i have a brand new an a 2nd hand one spare , so if a board fails i just swap with exact board , with no loss of OS ok . It does the Updates ok , then asks for around 25.00 to do the last few which i can use on 3 pc's , just wondered if it's worth paying the extra , any ideas ... Regards Philip Bribie Island Qld ...
  2. Hi SS Have you tried a program called Revo Uninstaller , you may find it'll help with the Uninstall . Regards Philip .. Au
  3. Hi Kristina , I hope you get it sorted out ok, i was curious to know if you were running a Firewall/A/Virus at the time, and if so which one , Regards, Ross.
  4. Hi , I followed the sfc /scannow instructions but nothing happenes,, run 98se on here , remembered sometime back did the same,, i found just typing sfc on it's own worked , hope that may be of some help, cheers, Ross is oz ... :beer: edit ,, sorry kd5 , didn't see your reply , queens birthday holiday here in oz, just too excited i guess,,
  5. mariol90 ,, Thanks for that info, i've often wondered if that slowed things down some, cheers,Ross.
  6. Fragged One , Were pretty slow over here,, gives us time to think what were doing, 256/64 is our basic adsl ,$50 a month for 250mb d/load , but not too sure if any connect at that . If you want a faster hook up it gets fairly costly , over 100 bucks , i'll stay on dial up , 51 for three months,i listen to a lot of country so mb's go pretty quick, at 57 i like to take my time, i'd guess broadband is a lot cheaper your way. Rb1 , your ping time about the same as my friends was,, hope you enjoyed the beers ,cheers, :beer: ,Ross.
  7. RB1 , I would imagine Rockhampton , could be wrong though, my friends at Bribie Island but no sure if there's an exchange there or Caboolture. By the way have you done a pitstop test to find out what your Ping time is ,just curious ,maybe i can compare your's against hers . Been a long time since i was at Yeppoon, bout 1979 , remember it well ,got stranded at the Strand hotel for 2 days, wern't bad either,lol, must do it again one day,cheers, Ross.
  8. Hi rb1 , Ihave a friend who just connected adsl 256/64 plan as well,, 50 kl north of Brisbane, she's getting connected at about the same , 153 kbps while i was talking to her on the phone,, think her ping time was about 250ms on the pitstop test. I was looking on here yesterday and someone said if you were more than a couple of miles from the server that will slow it down,, oh my friend is with dodo isp ok.. cheers,Ross.
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