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  1. Does anyone know if there are any free firewalls out there that I could use as an alternative to Zone Alarm? I'm fed up of it as it keeps causing problems on boot up. Thanks Jenny
  2. Thanks, I think I will....now I've found the product key
  3. Thanks Duanester for both of your posts...you are a star! Thanks also to Joe...I've heard that somewhere else as well and I can't see that I saw any difference when I moved to ME...except the crashes!
  4. Hi Duanester I'll wait for you to get back with your solution to my "note". For information, my Windows ME disk is only supposed to work if a copy of Windows 98 has already been installed... I bought it as an upgrade and it's supposed to search for a previous OS before installing. However, I'm willing to try using it without Windows 98 just to see if that's true. Oh, I haven't any experience of Fdisk, but I am interested in partitioning the disk to keep Windows separate from everything else! Jenny
  5. I've bitten the bullet...I need to reformat my C drive and re-install Windows 98 followed by the Windows ME Upgrade. I've seen questions on reformatting on the forum, but I'm useless at searching Can anyone help or point me at a webiste that can? Please note...I do not currently have access to a floppy disk drive on my computer...and when I press F8, I do not get the option to go into DOS. Will I be able to run setup directly from my CD ROM? Regards Jenny
  6. Jackel - Thanks I think I will have to do that! Not looking forward to it though xXenXx - Apology accepted, although I have to admit I was rather annoyed at the time...still you weren't to know it was a glitch
  7. They've got round that one here by inventing a chip about the size of a grain of rice - they inject it (ouch!). Then if a dog get's lost or anything they just scan it and it has details of the owner's name and address. I'm not quite sure what happens if the dog is sold on to someone else...maybe just inject another chip I suppose.
  8. I think it's illegal here in the UK. We aren't allowed to chop their tails short or clip their ears either (unless it's for health reasons)! We don't brand cows either, but clip a tag into their ear...I guess they find that painful too!
  9. Brilliant overview Tokehemp....I chuckled and that was just reading it, and my son (who is a soldier) would probably roll on the floor laughing! Thank you Jenny
  10. Thanks Mariol...I'll try that and see what happens.
  11. Well if you change your mind Warren let me know. It's downloaded and waiting on my desktop to be sent to you although I agree with Henry that you might not be able to install it.
  12. YES, at last someone on this forum who knows less than me!!!!!! It's a programme that tells you all the running processes on your computer and enables you to kill them off......go to the Viruses,Spyware,Adware forum and then the Sub Forum - Hijack This Logs bit. You will find all the information you need there to download, install and post your log...you will also find out if there is anything nasty on your computer that might be casuing the freezing. Regards Jenny
  13. Thanks Tokehemp.....15MB on dial up....maybe I'll be watching it in a couple of hours
  14. Someone PM me the link as well please...I'm dying to see what was so offensive!
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