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  1. I have vista 64 and it works great as do all of the PC Pitstop products. I have purchased them all. :Tumbleweed:
  2. I tried to run PC Opt2 but got this message. I uninstalled and reinstalled but didn;'t help. Help The registry information for the program appears to be missing. This can occur if the program is copied to another system without using the installer, or if System Restore is used. If reinstalling the application does not fix the problem, please contact Customer Service.
  3. I ran it on my Dell XP Pro machine. It always tell me I need to defrag - but I always defrag before I run it. It tells me I need to update 3 drivers, Network, Mouse, and Video...Howwever, when it goes to install these drivers I get a message the the drivers that are installed are newer than the one I am installing and it suggests I keep the original driver. On the Details page - ALL of the customized suggestions take me to "PAGE NOT FOUND" Other than that - it was good....
  4. Do you know how to find out what bit Internet Explorer you are running? That's really what I'm looking for. Thanks
  5. Well....yes - I can find it on my OS - What I am exactly looking for is what bit of IE I am running. Someone has asked me that - actually I didn't know there was a 32 bit and a 64 bit IE...
  6. How can you tell if software, for instance, Internet Explorer, is 32 Bit or 64 bit. Someone asked me if I was running 32 or 64 but I don't know how to find out Thanks in advance
  7. I ran Driver Alert on a Vista 64bit machine and got this message upon startup: --------------------------- Unsupported 16-Bit Application --------------------------- The program or feature "\??\C:\Windows\system32\pcpbios.exe" cannot start or run due to incompatibity with 64-bit versions of Windows. Please contact the software vendor to ask if a 64-bit Windows compatible version is available. --------------------------- The program goes through the process and tells me my drivers are up to date - but I'm not sure that's accurate.... Thanks
  8. Isn't it funny how you can pay $1,000 for a computer and go to sell it - with upgrades - and can't even get half? I think computers depreciate faster than anything else. Anyway - I wish you luck.....
  9. I think I opened up a can of worms with this subject - and the funny thing is - I was just asking because I didn't know. I appreciate all the help - but I received a message that I did something against the forum rules however, am not sure what it was. Anyway - I just have to be more careful as to what I am curious about because I sure don't want to lose access to this forum - it has helped me out in so many ways.
  10. I clicked today - I never knew about this site. I have sent the link to my family and also put it on my desktop so I dont' forget to click daily. Also - Since this is my first time clicking - The site says click are doubled during the month of October so every 1 click represents 2 clicks. Just wanna do all I can......to help womankind..
  11. Nor did I.... I just wondered what those types of files were and I know you can make ISO in Nero but wasnt' sure what it was all about. Sorry about that - I didn't mean to imply I was trying to get information to do something illegal. Besides - from my posts you can probably tell I would have a difficult time doing illegal stuff - I have a hard enough time doing legal stuff. Thanks
  12. Oh My.....I am sooooo confused now. But I gues I know more than I knew before - which is "I think I'll just delete the .iso and.rar files". O_o
  13. Thanks. I actually have Nero on my computer already and that is the program I use for .iso (or am I confused)? Sometimes I feel soooooo stupid...
  14. Sorry - I thought I guess I forgot where I started - I wondered what happened to my first post. I went to "My Assistant" and found out the same thing. I'll try to pay better attention next time. I don't do forums often and don't know all the rules. Thanks
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