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  1. You can't even install HMP with an older version than 2000 SP IV.
  2. Hi! I'm administrator from the Nucia forums (aka ASO forums) and we also have the official HitmanPro support in a sub-forum. Are there any questions I can anwser?
  3. NewsFlash about it: He tried to contact Javacool (via a thread on Wilders and PM) but they didn't respond to it. He tried to contact Lavasoft for 3 times. He sent 2 mails and called them once. Also they don't respons. You guys maybe thing "he is making this up" but.. A lavasoft forums employee (not a lavasoft employee) contacted me about the question. We had some PB-traffic and the last PB was she said to me she wasn't an employee but that Lavasoft has problems with it. So I have sent an PB back to explain Lavasoft could contact me also. Till today I heared nothing about it again.. I really don't understand. Mark is trying to contact the companies/makers and the companies/makers are trying to contact Mark. But still there is no contact between both... Will be continued.
  4. Yesterday I called Mark Loman. He said he is working on it hard.
  5. Like I said But, now you are waiting: TAKE A COOKIE
  6. There is news about spysweeper and he's trying to contact Lavasoft and other. If I know something that's interesting I let you know.
  7. Yeah, I know about it. I sent the E-mail an little hour ago .
  8. No he didn't... I'm goin to mail Mark to say him he really has to do this! This can cause big problems with companies at Lavasoft and other..
  9. Did I kill this thread or something, nobody is replying anymore
  10. Mark puts updates of the programs on his HitmanPro server. So when a new version of uuhm.. ad-aware is released, and for example, ad-aware can't update, then you will have the newest version of Ad-aware through HitmanPro-update. Therefore it's possibile that all the program's are updated even if they dont support it . OMG, I'm too tired.. I'm making so many mistakes in my english , I have to go to my bed I guess, it's 2.15 in the morning..
  11. nono [email protected], OUR forum. I have paid it and I keep the stuff running . On our forum I will put a "language selection for guests-option" so you can select german or english when you enter the forum. That way you can directly ask your questions to Mark, the developer . :snowman: nice smilie btw here, take my favorite cookie; [email protected] - Several Typos Edited (Germen - German and of - or :santagrin: )
  12. :santagrin: nice smilie Anyway ==== I heared from confidential sources that, cause of the transfer of pestpatrol to CA, they have big plannes to change the software.. I hope it's gonna be better Still a great smilie :santagrin: FREE OREO FOR EVERYONE
  13. What's all that BT-stuff in your systray? I have coooool christmas pics too. I'll set it and upload it one these days
  14. Just wanted to post but you was faster .
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