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  1. Today, I had a 5 minute lag on the Speed test section. (I connect with VerizonDSL and have good speeds everywhere, but here, this is a section that consistently hangs. Probably I am just in line, so it is not a biggie.) The reason I wrote (write) is my Sygate Personal Firewall was configured to give you full - but I looked again and reset the IPs as new and trashed the old ones. When I tried again it worked more smoothly, but didn't really affect the numbers reported. So entering the IPs again may help others with this problem. Why? Who knows! Ghosts in the machine... I got a laugh from the new Privacy Scan finding 3 grey listed cookies (my cache and cookies were emptied totally just before I came here ) I love you guys and support your efforts, but I can still be amused.
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