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  1. Thanks for all the suggestions, but none of them work ,so i am left to do what i didn't want to do ie format and re install xp wish me luck Ta Sam
  2. Have ran all tests but have found this in the error log Faulting application explorer.exe faulting module kernel32.dll version 5.1.2600 2180 fault address 0x0001eb33 does anyone know how to fix this please?
  3. Yes when i right click on something the postmortem debuger comes up and says error send/dont send i have disabled error reporting and a different one comes up saying error when i click to close it then freezes up and i have to hir ctrl/alt /del to get to task manager to kill drwatson d/bgr to get it going again
  4. It is Dr watson postmortem debugger which keeps popping up and then freezes computer when i click on it
  5. If i right click on a file or to delete something it is coming up with a different error message now it is offset:0001eb33
  6. When i click on something i get Explorer has an error and needs to close down. explorer.exe app ver 6.0.2600.0 modname kernel32.dll modver:5.1 2600.0 offset: 0000d756 has anyone any ideas how to fix this? i have done windows repair and re installed SP2 and ran AVG and ad ware etc.
  7. Glad im not paying you ,but i have another prob,,trying to get to ms updates through help & support ,says it internet conn is required ,cant establish an internet conn .yet i must be connected to send this to you .i can also read my emails etc triet to set up following their instuuctions but nothing
  8. yes that is where i downloaded it from am not really used to all this being of the older generation, but i am tearing my hair out and thats something i cant afford to do.have managed to fix it using the link you gave me Kellys Korner ...remove branding thankyou very much for your help ,Sam
  9. thanks for all the help ,,got fed up and removed mbsa and downloaded new version all went ok.. but i have another prob ,while messing about i have downloaded and installed ie by demon ,i want ms ie back but cant get rid of demon tried a search of demon deleted all relating to it and it is still there your assistance would be appreciated...
  10. no bad bho have tried downloading mbsa still same problem here is latest test http://www.pcpitstop.com/techexpress.asp?id=7k9mlwsls4nsbkne
  11. http://www.pspitstop.com/techexpress.asp?id=7k9mlwsls4nsbkne forgot to say i downloaded it from ms automatic update
  12. Have downloaded sp2 , all ok except when i try to run mbsa it says a new version is needed for sp2 , try to download it then comes up ie6 is needed , have checked in help and it says i have got it .wont let me load any further , any ideas?
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