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  1. Thanks Porthos, I will read through the threads and see if there is something that I have not tried yet. Bill.
  2. Thanks INTELGUY, I tried your idea about the repair. Followed the steps but same thing, that dreaded buffer overrun error appeared as soon as I tried to open IE.
  3. Thanks [email protected] I have gone to the link you provided and downloaded Hijack This. I have run the program and posted the log in the Hijack This section of PCPitstop. Lets see what they have to say about this. Thanks. Bill.
  4. I will have to try to download HiJackThis at a later time, right now I am getting this error. We can't find "www.merijn.org/files/hijackthis.zip?" I will try later and let you know. Thanks. Bill.
  5. Thanks IntelGuy, I will get working on this. Will report back in a bit. Bill.
  6. I have the exact same problem and started a thread a few days ago about it. Doing the IE repair had no effect. There were many great suggestions, but the problem still persists after following all the suggestions. I will be watching this thread to see if anyone comes up with a sollution. Thanks. Bill.
  7. Newdles, Yes I have service Pak 1 installed, but to be sure, I downloaded it again and installed it. It told me that it was already installed, but if I wanted to I could install this overtop, so I did that. Shut Down, re-started, and I get the same Buffer Overrun Error. Back to the drawing board. Bill.
  8. IntelGuy. I am not sure what to do with the HiJackThis Log. I followed the link but it seemed to just take me to another section of the PCPitstop webpage. Thanks. Bill.
  9. Sir T Fireball. I guess I downloaded and paid for something called NoAdware, but thats ok. I followed the link you provided to Adaware, and downloaded that. Ran it, it found a bunch of stuff that NoAdware and Spy Bot Search and Destroy had not found, so I quarinteened everything and then shut down the computer and then started it up again. I was hopeful, but no such luck, when I double click on the IE shortcut icon on my desktop, I still get the message about the Buffer Overrun. I will keep watching, maybe someone else has some ideas. Thanks. Bill.
  10. HI Intelguy. No Trojans found doing the Trojan Scan. I will try the other one now.
  11. HI INTEL GUY I dont think I was tricked, but its possible. It looked like those pop up windows that come through perodically from Microsoft advising of a critical update. I get the notices every time that Microsoft has a critical update. I am right up to date as of 2 weeks ago with all my critical updates, havent been able to do one since this problem started. I am using MSN Explorer as a work around, but I miss my IE. I will try your trojan scan and your HiJackThis log Thanks, and I will get back and let you know how I make out.
  12. Ok, I downloaded adaware (NoAdware) ran their scan and it came up with 13 parisites, the only way they were going to delete them was if I pay for the program, so I did that $29.95 US Adware then deleted the parasites, I shut down the computer, re-started it, clicked on the IE shorcut on my desktop and same thing... Buffer Overrun. Nice try, but that didnt work. Although it got rid of 13 things that Spybot Search and Destroy had not detected earlier.
  13. Thanks Signman, I cant download any windows critical updates as it wants to open IE and IE wont open because of the buffer overload. My virus stuff is updated and did not find anything at 8am this morning when it ran. I have it set to run every morning at 8am. I am using Spybot Search and Destroy, but I will try and download Adaware as Sir Fireball suggests and see if that helps. This all started a week or so ago right after I got a notice on my screen that critical updates were available so I authorized the updates to begin. Thanks. Bill.
  14. HI everyone, you all were great at resolving the defrag question that I had. My hard drive is defragged now. Now to a problem that I have had for a while now and have put off trying to resolve. For some reason a week ago I could not open my browser IE 6.0 I have been struggling along with the MSN browser, but its time to re-claim my IE browser. This is the error that I get when I try to open IE. Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime Library Buffer overrun detected. Program c:\Programfiles\internet explorer\explorer.exe A buffer overrun has been detected which has corrupted the program's internal state. The program cannot safely continue execution and must now be terminated. Has anyone encountered this and what did you do to get IE working again? Thanks. Bill.
  15. Thanks everyone, I got it to work, I shut down everything in my tray and by doing ctrl alt del. Then I started the defrag program and it made it all the way through. Now I have another question on something that has not worked for several days and is still not working after the disk defrag, but I will post it in a new message and not here. Thanks for all your great suggestions and advice. Bill.
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