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  1. Ran the windows disc again and caught it in the process of rebooting. Changed the boot order ant let it continue. final message is: Searching for boot record from IDE-0..OK don
  2. I just tryed to boot after changing the sequence,didn't work. I will try running the windows disc again,watch so I can catch it before it boots and change it,to see what happens. Don
  3. I have taken the HDD out of the computer,put it in an external inclosure,hooked it to my primary machine and formated it.I rechecked all my connections,reinstalled the HDD and atempted to do a fresh install. All is good untill the first reboot.The unit reboots,searches for boot record from CDROM.....OK Then. Press any key to boot from CD.... I just can't get past this point for some reason. What to do now??? Thanks, Don
  4. I now get past the reboot on install,but get an error. Missing HAL DILL. Any other ideas anyone?? Thanks, Don
  5. Not really solving the problem,just trying. This thing is kicking my butt. Something about this old unit that has always made it hard for me. I have had this same problem before with it. Idea!!! Maybe I will search some of the old thds I started.The answer may be there. Don
  6. Not sure I know how to disable it,I will go try. Don
  7. Yes, But floppy is disconnected,and it is set in bios to boot from cd. I have had this problem before,but do not remember how I got around it. Don
  8. OK, Windows does it's thing up to the point where it reboots the puter,after reboot it says hit any key to boot from cd,at this point I do nothing and then it ask,s for me to install a boot disc in drive A, I don't remember what I did last time I had this problem. Help please??? Thank you Don
  9. OK,I have at this time my HDD connected to one ribbon,My CD drive is connected to a seperate ribbon. These are the only two drives connected. I am trying to boot from my XP home disc. Wow! It looks as tho it may go this time,Windows is loading files. I will be back,to let you know how it works. Don
  10. Thanks Brandon, I just connected it the way you suggested. Give me a chance to connect it to power and try it . I will get back . Don
  11. Thanks Bear for your fast reply. I have the puter on the desk,you guessed right I have the Hdd And the DVD drive on the same ribbon,the cd drive nd the floppy are on one ribbon. I have used the floppy once in maybe 5 years,so it will be disconnected by the time you reply. Now how should I connect ,Put the two opitical drives together,and the HDD alone on one ribbon?? Don
  12. Peps,I am back with more problems. I am trying to bring my old Athalon unit back from the dead. Amd 1.33 The power supply went south a few mounths ago,I replaced the unit.Now I am trint to get it back up. I replaced the Power supply with new. I added an extra stick of ram,it had two 256 stick,I added another. I formated an old hitachi HDD I had and put it in. The computer powers up ok,but I can't seem to get the boot sequence right. It wants to boot from the floppy.I have changed it to boot from cd drive,I have even gone back and changed 1st second and 3rd boot to cd dr
  13. Thanks mme And Mouse, I was afraid that would be the answer,I will return the computer to it's owner. I feel sure she will buy a new unit. As usual you guys have been great. Thanks, Don
  14. mme, Thanks for the info. With the Kingston ram installed I get the three beeps you speek of,with the hynix ram I get no sound at all,the monitor still does not power up. I have an old amd here also that has two sticks of 256 in it,I am wondering if I install it into the puter I am working on in place of what is in it if it would make a diference?? The paper tag on the stick from the amd. PC133256MB From the stick it's self best I can read . 0126 MT 48LC16M8A2 TG -75 E Don
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