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  1. This has been addressed recently. One of our members on our local forum emailed Police Chief Tom Casady and received a very decent email back. Heres what he sent us The shirt idea is something we've tossed around and will probably be doing soon. http://s87301718.onlinehome.us/images/inprogress.jpg < rough sketch of the design. Right now we are making an even stronger push than last year. This time we have a much better plan in place and its slowly coming together. I'm really excited, I think this time we might have a legitimate chance at getting a track
  2. that is one of the basics of the drag strip... theres no way there would be one without coverage. The problem with the opposition is this noise issue, they will not listen to scientific study.
  3. We did this, we packed the city council meeting room and outside into the hallways... easily 150 supporters vs the half filled opposition (maybe 20 or so showed). No dice. There are running polls on the news website that show a 90/10 split in favor of a dragstrip. I'm not getting my hopes too terribly up, but with the current economic state and the fact that Lincoln lost the State Fair (more money leaving the city, go figure), this could be the best chance to capitalize on a track.
  4. This is the most frustrating part of all... there were studies done at the University of Nebraska showing that these type of venues do bring in a good chunk of dollars to the cities that harbor them. Not just the city, but all of the businesses surrounding (restaurants, hotels, gas stations, etc) Also did sound studies and showed that sound would be negligible to the farm houses in the area due to the way the track would be built. This apparently did not matter There are some very bullheaded people that are unfortunately in a position of power that is not letting this go through. We are going to continue to push this though and on that facebook group alone I have nearly 1200 people join since Wednesday with several thousand more waiting in invites.
  5. I can't remember why, but there was some reasoning as to why we couldn't do this. The land picked out for our drag strip site was located off an interstate with very little in the way of nearby housing. The biggest deal apparently was it being next to a cemetery. A cemetery that had literally, 1 to 2 processions PER YEAR.
  6. A certain incident that involved "street racing" has rekindled an awareness for needing a drag strip in our county http://www.kolnkgin.com/news/headlines/50904922.html Watch the video too. Andy is a good friend of mine, as is Mike (who was not on the video, but was the other ticketed driver) Now, this is not to condone street racing, but rather to give us an outlet to which we can enjoy our hobby legally. For those of you who aren't aware, a gentleman by the name of Greg Sanford was willing to foot the entire bill to have a dragstrip put in a small town just outside of lincoln. He had the land bought and everything. Only needed approval to have a motorsports complex built specifically. After a few hearings (one of which our own local forum flooded with members to show for support), ultimately it was shot down. Not only do I and many of my fellow peers/gearheads disagree with this decision, but we will not give up on trying. I created this facebook group to help raise awareness again that there is tons of support to have a dragstrip built. I understand that none of you will probably be local or effect you in any way, but I'm sure some of you pitsters can understand our plea for something that many of us find necessary to have. There are a lot of benefits to having this drag strip built, one of the biggest being money pumped into our city/county/state. http://www.facebook.com/home.php?ref=home#...id=116705279461 Feel free to voice your opinions or stories!
  7. Barrett Jackson is a fraud... last I knew they were under investigation for bidding up their own cars to make something seem more desirable than it actually is... people jump on it because they think its something hot and start to bid along... stupid seeing some of these cars that are really not THAT special go for ASTRONOMICAL prices.
  8. How was today Chris? Go Pack hahaha You should pop up on YIM one of these days. Hows it going? (other than today )
  9. I'd like to get at least 20 votes in before I start divulging more about this argument... more votes the better. I'm hoping people are clicking and voting because this interests me greatly.
  10. I'm curious to see how people perceive words.
  11. Interchanged means you can switch them in and out. Now, I realize that the won't interchange directly as you will have to change the sentence structure just slightly to make it work. However it doesn't change the meaning. "The New England Patriots are better than the New York Jets" "The New England Patriots are superior to the New York Jets" "His answer to the question was superior" "His answer to the question was better" etc.
  12. Just asking for some votes, and any reasoning can be posted in this thread. I would appreciate the help
  13. The Eagles are making this a game.
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