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  1. LMAO invision, genius flash file lol
  2. True.... but the problem with self control is they have real terrorists filling their minds with more thoughts, letting them know its OK to bomb people. Its not. Its wrong. And yes for the most part, they are targeting soldiers in their area. Whens the last time a bomb went off and killed innocent civilians?
  3. Those kind of conditions can turn a law biding citizen into what we see on the news.... terrorist bombers. Prevention? Start at the source. Human rights would be nice.
  4. Did you have water to drink whenever you wanted? Electricity? Food? Ever seen Castaway with Tom Hanks? Imagine his life on that island.... except its a real life country. You have seen one side of the paper.... maybe you should read the back?
  5. So I guess all those protesters lived in different countries only to come over and march in Tel Aviv. But, since you went there for sporting events, you represent the majority of thinkers there. Right....
  6. :rofl: a 90 HP civic thats got some wing, a body kit and messed up paint job does NOT make it fast and definitely makes it NOT cool hey watch yourself someone might get offended... why Nothing offensive... I just don't find it cool. Cuz its not
  7. :rofl: a 90 HP civic thats got some wing, a body kit and messed up paint job does NOT make it fast and definitely makes it NOT cool
  8. Unfortunately, my money does. I wish damn well it didn't...... but not much I can do. Surely the hard right will view these stories as a twist by the media........
  9. Yup just what they thought. National Weather Service has issued a Tornado watch for most of southeast Nebraska. In fact, there are storms already blowing up close to Nebraska City. http://www.weather.com/newscenter/fcstsumm...tml?from=0803wc
  10. Its been a month and a half so far and we haven't even had sale going on. If I start a business, it's going to have to be a little later.... now isn't a good time. Already know and well prepared for it
  11. Jeez it got buried again lol Thanks going to try it out
  12. wow...... I'd love to be apart of that.
  13. I'm not looking at it like that I'm just going to pretend its some random cow. Besides, I was making a mockery of the movie "Twister"
  14. Thats whats really starting to dog me now. The war and dual citizenship issue. I say screw it, I'm going to play canadian basketball!! Seriously..... I'd play anywhere. Start small. Does canada have some sort of canadian basketball league? But again back to the war thing. I don't know john. If it were a Syrian-Israeli war, I'd fight for my country. oh but damn, US-Syrian war. I'd be so conflicted. I wouldn't know what to do..... I mean.... I was born here, but most of my roots are in Syria from my dad's side. And well... My mom's side is mainly European because my great
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