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  1. Hi! I've now got Opensuse 10.3, and guess what? Firefox is crashing, the last time twice in about 3 minutes. I'm running on Windows at the moment, until I can find a solution. Otherwise, 10.3's great.

  2. Bruce. When I get to that stage, this is what I see.


    Create swap partition/dev/hdb7 (745.2MB)

    Create root partition /dev/hdb8(8.3GB) with ext3

    Create partition /devhdb9(12.2GB0 for /home with ext3

    Set mount point of /dev/hda1 to /windows/D

    Set mount point of /dev/hdb1 to /windows/D


    The options when I click on the Partitioning link are:

    Accept proposal

    Base partition setup on this proposal

    Create custom partition setup

    Create LVM Based proposal.


    Thanks for your patience.


  3. I am about to install Opensuse 10.2 on my desktop PC, but I am in a bit of a quandary. I have two hard drives, and would like to install Opensuse on my second HD. How do I go about this? I don't want to start installation before I am fully prepared. Are there any benefits or snags using a separate HD? I am currently running Windows XP pro.



  4. If anyone has any entries in the msconfig startup that are still there long after the said program/s have been uninstalled then do the following. Cut n paste the info below between the lines into notepad and save it named "msconfigcleaner.vbs" (without quotes)


    Then run the vbs file. You are now able to get rid of those most annoying leftover entries.


    Keith. I may be a bit thick here, but having copied and pasted the info into notepad, I have saved it on my desktop. I'm lost, now. What, exactly, do I do next? Remember, you're talking to someone who failed his eleven plus. :)

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