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  1. Thanks, Bruce. It says, "The partition setup displayed is for your hard drive." It doesn't say which HD.
  2. Help! I have begun installing and now have a screen with a list of settings. The first one is in RED "Shrink Windows partition/dev/hdb1 to 14.5 GB. What should I do? Change or accept?
  3. Talk about a quick response! Thanks, Bruce.
  4. I am about to install Opensuse 10.2 on my desktop PC, but I am in a bit of a quandary. I have two hard drives, and would like to install Opensuse on my second HD. How do I go about this? I don't want to start installation before I am fully prepared. Are there any benefits or snags using a separate HD? I am currently running Windows XP pro. Thanks. d0nut
  5. I am using it on my Acer without problems. Just don't use High Power when running direct from the battery. With a PSU, it's fine.
  6. OK. Seem to have found the answer http://forums.techguy.org/networking/46151...red-router.html Can now surf OK
  7. Stormy. Great guide, but have you any idea where I could pick up the Installation Wizard CD? Preferably a source in the UK. Linksys recommend using the CD, and I'm new to this side of computing. Thanks. d0nut
  8. Thanks EK. I haven't seen a router before, let alone used one. The model is BEFSR41 ver. 3.1. I haven't done anything except plug it in. All new territory to me. d0nut
  9. Just bought a Linksys Ethefast 4 port cable / DSL router off ebay. However, it has no instructions whatever. I am running two PCs, one with XP the other with Avast. I have tried using the router, but although I am connected to the Net, my browser can't find my home page, and email does not function. Any help welcome. d0nut
  10. I've ordered the DVD version. Saves contending with five CDs.
  11. I have the Plus version, and would recommend Winpatrol without any hesitation. The program is great, and so is the tech support.
  12. They reckoned that they'd checked my modem and cable, and all was well. I shall ask for an engineer to call, now. Must have spent over £20 on phone calls. Want every penny back!
  13. Well, just ran the disk and I love it. I shall send for the openSuse distro on CD I think. Looks like a big download. Linux definitely for me
  14. Thanks, mouse. Don't know what you mean by level 2 help. Can you clarify? Kram. I bought the laptop because the so-called advisers told me that my desktop was faulty. Not exactly money down the drain, but I really didn't need another computer. The helpline, by the way, costs 25p (50c) a minute. If it turns out that the fault lies with Virgin I shall demand a refund of these not inconsiderable charges. d0nut Forgot to mention that I get my TV, phone and internet service from Virgin. No other company involved.
  15. Well, back to square one. Haven't got my router yet, but this morning I lost my internet connection again. I got the dialog box, Limited or no connectivity. When I phoned the useless Virgin helpline (in India) to reconnect me, their so-called technical advisor said that it was down to my firewall. I told him he was talking utter rubbish, as this was exactly the same problem that I had all along. I have bought a brand-new computer (£400) on their advice and still lose connectivity. This is the worst helpline experience I have ever had. On one occasion one of their 'techies' even asked me to reverse my ethernet cable connections, connected me, and said that was it, cured. I think they just have a list of things to tell customers, hoping they will go away. When I get my router, will it help to prevent this sort of thing? Up to now, it has been very expensive and frustrating. I am pretty fed up with it all. d0nut
  16. Yes, Kram, I have.Thanks, also, xXenXx
  17. Sorry, meant 'run' not 'install'
  18. As far as I know, the average annual cost is about £40 ($80) a year in the UK.
  19. OK. Just bought it online. If I need any help, I'll get back to you guys.
  20. Thanks for the reassurance, Mouse, Kram. Im going to buy it. d0nut
  21. OK. Received my Knoppix CD today, but no instructions. Anyone can recommend a good online tutorial? Don't want to install it and make a hash of it.
  22. Thanks. How does this look? Linksys BEFSR41 Cable/DSL Router + 4-Port Switch About $45.00
  23. Thanks, Kram. I'll buy a router. Any suggestions? Think simplicity
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