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  1. Thanks for the input. You know, I think you are correct. The reason that I don't come on here as often as I did in the past, is probably because today I run a PC with SSDs, loads of memory and mainly trouble-free. Also, as Gigsy says, people are more computer-savvy, these days. I know I am. I'm not brilliant, by any means, but can cope with things which, a few years back, would have had me stumped.

    All very sad. That's progress, I suppose.

    Funny, I can recall my first post on here, back in January, 2003. I can't recall the exact content, but I do remember Volt (don't know if he's still around) asking me if I was a cop! My reply was, no, my feet weren't big enough.

    Anyway, back to bed. It's 2.15 am here.

    Thanks again for the replies.


  2. I am surprised to see that there are so few folks posting on here these days. I have been a member for many years, and I recall when topics used to come thick and fast. Nowadays, it's more like Aberdeen on a flag selling day.

    Anyone like to tell me what has happened?

  3. I've just updated the index page on one of my sites, and tried uploading it via Filezilla. It goes through the motions OK, but doesn't replace the original page. All I did was to insert a small block of text 'Last updated........' and now I have this problem. I can see both the old and the new pages on the remote site, side by side.

    I am using Komposer and Filezilla. Any ideas?

    Thanks in advance.


  4. My contract with my current host is due for renewal in a few days time, but for financial reasons I wish to transfer to a company with which I already have two sites registered.

    Do I have to wait until my present site goes down, or can I have it running on two servers for a few days?

    My current host has told me that no notice is required for cancellation, I merely do not renew the contract.

    Thanks in advance


  5. A couple of years ago, we lost our 18 year old grandson to meningitis. I put together a memorial site using a Streamline.net template and their site wizard.

    As there were limitations on the template without upgrading, I built a new site which is currently piggy-backed on my own website http://www.artus-fh.co.uk/Daniel's%20M.../index.htm.html

    What I would like to know is, how do I replace the old site, www.danielsibley.co.uk with the new one?

    Any help appreciated.


  6. I don't quite understand what's wrong with Google Analytics (GA), but...


    Woopra is a good alternative to GA: http://www.woopra.com/


    Yahoo! also has a analytics app: http://web.analytics.yahoo.com/


    Thanks for the prompt reply. Much appreciated. The problem I have with Google is that they seem to want far too much personal information. For instance, why would they want my telephone number? I am reluctant to divulge this sort of personal stuff where it does not seem necessary.


  7. Ho, hum. Sorry about the faulty link. Anyway, it seems that when I reinstalled XP it did not do a reformat as I thought. so I now have two copies of Windows. I shall have to delete one.

    We just had a 80 mph gale here which caused a power surge, resulting in my desktop giving up the ghost. While I was checking inside the case, I noticed that many of the electrolytics on the mother-board were swollen and leaking. This could well be the cause of my initial problems which forced me to reinstall. A new mobo is now on the cards. Are they easy to configure? Never done one. I will probably get one fitted by an expert, anyway.

    Thanks for all the input.


  8. Open the C:\Boot.ini file.  Under [Operating Systems], you should see a couple of lines sinilar to


    multi(0)disk(0)rdisk(0)partition(1)\WINDOWS="Microsoft Windows XP Professional" /fastdetect /NoExecute=OptIn




    multi(0)disk(0)rdisk(0)partition(1)\WINNT="Microsoft Windows XP Professional" /fastdetect /NoExecute=OptIn


    The parameters for multi and disk are nearly always 0 (zero), so ignore them.


    If the parameters for rdisk and partition are the same in both lines [for example., both contain rdisk(2)partition(3)], then the boot entries invoke the same Windows installation, and you should delete one of the lines.


    Tom. Did you not see my link in post #7?

  9. Click on Start then click on Run, Type msconfig in box, Choose OK, System Configuration will come up. Click on Boot tab Will show all boot records. Highlight the one you do not want and click delete.


    Thanks. The question is, which one will I delete? I tried making one (the one which seems to have 2 partitions) the default drive, but I was requested to go back and reverse this mocve. Bit out of my depth here, methinks :(

    Brandon. No, I only ran set-up once.

  10. Because of problems with my Windows XP desktop I have just reinstalled. However, when I boot, I get a choice of systems, Windows XP Professional or....................er..........Windows XP Professional. I have to hit 'enter' to carry on. Can anyone tell me how I can rectify this, please? Also, after reinstalling, I downloaded Thunderbird mail client and configured it, accounts and everything. I switched off and went back to it an hour or two later. When I re-booted, all the account information had disappeared and I had to go through the whole process again.

    Any help appreciated.


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