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  1. I am continually getting this message http://www.artus-fh.co.uk/source/Pics.html when I attempt to access some pages. The problem only started today, but it's now becoming a bit tiresome. Any help appreciated. Thanks d0nut
  2. Here we go! All done and dusted. Thanks for the help.
  3. Had a worrying moment, there, when I got an 'installation failed' message, but retried and it seems to be OK.
  4. Just had a message that the installation had failed, so retrying.
  5. At the moment, it's performing 'Installation Settings'. Next action is 'Perform Installation'. Quite a way to go yet, timewise.
  6. HELP! again. I've managed to get the installation rolling, but I now have a mode option. As I am installing over 10.2 do I tick the 'Installation' or 'Update' option? Thanks. d0nut
  7. Thanks, I'll take a look. Just thought, that as I hadn't altered anything since I installed 10.2, it should have booted. Be back later.
  8. I have just received my Opensuse 10.3 installation disk and want to install over 10.2. However, when I boot I don't have any indication that the disk is ready to install. I get the usual 'Opensuse / failsafe / Windows' option screen, and it goes straight into Opensuse 10.2. At a complete loss, here, and in need of a helping hand (or two). Thanks in advance. d0nut
  9. Thanks, guys. Just thought I might be going insane
  10. Hello. I am running Windows XP pro, Firefox browser and Thunderbird email client. I empty my email trash can fairly regularly. However, when I checked today, I found that there were a couple of hundred old emails that should not have been there. They had been deleted in the past. Anyone got an answer to this bizarre mystery?
  11. Sadly, the uninstal tool doesn't do the job.
  12. I have been using the Inksaver programme for some years now with Windows 98 and it's been a great money-saver. However, I recently upraded to Windows XP and reinstalled Inksaver (v. 1.22) on my PC, not knowing that the programme has been upgraded to V.2.0. Now I find that not only will my version of Inksaver not work with XP, but I cannot uninstal it, either from Add/Remove Programs, or using the Inksaver uninstal facility. Anybody out there who can advise, please? Many thanks. d0nut
  13. Thanks. The mobo is about 3 years old, so you are probably correct. Oddly, the minutes are alway OK. It' just the hours that change. Forgot to mention that Edit. Thanks, Wicked Clown. My time zone was incorrectly set.
  14. Anyone know why my desktop clock should occasionally alter by about 6 hours?
  15. Sorry about the delay in replying, but the email notification does not appear to be working. I will check out what you suggest. Many thanks. d0nut
  16. I have just installed XP pro, but don't know whether the firewall is activated automatically. My Sygate firewall does not appear to be operational, although the icon is on the start list. Likewise Avast. Any help welcome. d0nut.
  17. Thanks, Mouse, old pal. Will have a look later, as I have got it all boxed up at the moment. I'm sure my first HD was set to master, and the Samsung slave doesn't require a jump connector for using as such.
  18. Thanks, Porthos, I have done, but seem OK. Anything in particular that I should look for?
  19. I have just installed a slave hard drive. Now, when I boot, I get the message 'No OS found. Insert OS setup disk, then press any key'. However, merely pressing any key allows Windows to boot without a disk. I am running Win98SE. Any suggestions welcome. Thanks. d0nut :help:
  20. It's chaos here in Luton. I filled up a few days ago, get 50 plus to the gallon (diesel) so I'm not really concerned. I have a filling station almost opposite my house and they are queueing like crazy.
  21. Sorry about the delay in replying, and thanks for your replies. A friend of mine downloaded the copy I have and I got a worm (Avast sorted it) when I downloaded a poker program. Quite put me off. Don't think I'll bother using it again. Sounds dodgy.
  22. I have a copy of Limewire download program which seems to be infested with malware. Is the Pro version any more reliable? Also, what does T3 denote with regard to download speeds?
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