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  1. I am continually getting this message http://www.artus-fh.co.uk/source/Pics.html when I attempt to access some pages. The problem only started today, but it's now becoming a bit tiresome. Any help appreciated. Thanks d0nut
  2. Here we go! All done and dusted. Thanks for the help.
  3. Had a worrying moment, there, when I got an 'installation failed' message, but retried and it seems to be OK.
  4. Just had a message that the installation had failed, so retrying.
  5. At the moment, it's performing 'Installation Settings'. Next action is 'Perform Installation'. Quite a way to go yet, timewise.
  6. HELP! again. I've managed to get the installation rolling, but I now have a mode option. As I am installing over 10.2 do I tick the 'Installation' or 'Update' option? Thanks. d0nut
  7. Thanks, I'll take a look. Just thought, that as I hadn't altered anything since I installed 10.2, it should have booted. Be back later.
  8. I have just received my Opensuse 10.3 installation disk and want to install over 10.2. However, when I boot I don't have any indication that the disk is ready to install. I get the usual 'Opensuse / failsafe / Windows' option screen, and it goes straight into Opensuse 10.2. At a complete loss, here, and in need of a helping hand (or two). Thanks in advance. d0nut
  9. Thanks, guys. Just thought I might be going insane
  10. Hello. I am running Windows XP pro, Firefox browser and Thunderbird email client. I empty my email trash can fairly regularly. However, when I checked today, I found that there were a couple of hundred old emails that should not have been there. They had been deleted in the past. Anyone got an answer to this bizarre mystery?
  11. Where do I find the picture gallery these days?
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