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  1. Comcast equals "Thieving Pigs" Around here they talk and sell one set of numbers---- and deliver nothing like they're supposed to..
  2. More neat stuff along the same line of thinking... http://www.networkworld.com/topics/operati...erating_systems Very nice site..
  3. Found another stats site--- about the same thing. but fun to look through.. http://marketshare.hitslink.com/report.aspx?qprid=2 Enjoy
  4. I found a site with all the browser and operating system statistics laid out in nice, easy to use, numbers. At the bottom, you will notice that AOL uses a combination of IE and Mozilla--- that's how they make it faster on dial up--- then charge an extra five bucks for the 'free from Mozilla' faster loading... http://www.w3schools.com/browsers/browsers_stats.asp Almost forgot the link---
  5. Yep-- Happy Birthday-- and many more to follow!!
  6. This table top is solid oak--- I built it table 25 years ago and about the time I figured out it was too small for what I wanted to use it for--- I had it assembled and ready for final sanding etc--- then I set it aside, and built another one--- the right size, this time--- this one got used as an assembly bench, tv stand, lamp table, shooting bench-- yep, I put it on the pick-up and put three sand bags on it-- and sighted a 30-30, a 30.06, and a couple .22 magnums some ---longneckers--put it on the truck and brought it home and put the living room lamp back on it--- all before dark... I was young then... Now it is serving a life as computer headquarters... (ha, ha).. It needs a mouse pad until I get it sanded and finished... It's on my list of things to do before I turn 90...
  7. If this were to happen on a Windows installation--- it would be a display driver issue.
  8. http://www.cyberguys.com/templates/searchd...c25&child=1ac25 I bought one of these and thought it would be nice for my newer flat panel--- it came today --- I had to move the keyboard over to get the thing on the desk..
  9. Now it won't load and play in D Konquoror--- The modem shows information comming in-- but no playing???
  10. I turned on some java stuff--- but it is in a HD format of a kind I have never seen before--- I shut down Konqueror and restarted it--- now it plays just fine.. I wanted one of my kids to play like this... They both play the radio pretty good--- loud anyway...
  11. http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-1...84547964&q=moza
  12. I thought I had configured mplayer correctly -- it plays everything in Firefox but Konquror loads the page and then the screen just stays blank... Or is there a setting in Konqueror that needs some tweeking? I've been playing with the settings but can't get the video player going! rookie thing? http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-1...547964&q=mozart
  13. A very good read for those have time http://members.aol.com/alicebeard/personal.html
  14. So the dude drove for about 60 bucks worth of gas so he could ----- what? Give a nice girl a ride to Indianapolis, regardless of her age, so he could buy her lunch? The nice mans motives were so pure, ------- so pure------ ????? Gosh------- his motive may not have been pure!!!!
  15. Your 10 year old will teach mom the in's and out's of Linux within a couple weeks of using it.. And--- you can't beat the price... or the stability..
  16. That just means that the law writers used medical terms to describe an unlawful act, nothing new really--- just lawmakers who are undereducated and cannot articulate themselves. On another note--- When you build your new computer for your 10 year old---- Put SuSe Linux on it-- you have so much greater control over what can be done on the computer--- and the young operator cannot 'Google' a way around the controls, once you set them--- they belong to you and the other operators cannot 'cheat' the system.. Just a suggestion!
  17. http://www.criminal-law-lawyer-source.com/.../pedophile.html This defines 'pedophile' under the laws of our land..
  18. Metro Detroit A MYSPACE NIGHTMARE: How cops found teen and her adult Internet pal May 11, 2006 BY JOHN MASSON and JOE SWICKARD FREE PRESS STAFF WRITERS Related links: On a darkened shoulder of westbound I-94 in Kalamazoo County early Wednesday, a sheriff's deputy stopped a car driven by a 25-year-old Indiana man, preventing what could have been a nightmare for a 13-year-old girl's family. Inside the car stopped by Sgt. Richard Fuller was a Harrison Township girl who had met the driver on MySpace.com, a social networking Web site. Her mother had tried to keep her off MySpace, a site sexual predators have reportedly used to find targets. On MySpace, the girl said she was 18. She posted pages splashed with Playboy symbols, provocative pictures of herself and obscene phrases. The incident was a stark reminder to law enforcement of how technology like the Internet can create problems. But technology also played a big role in bringing the girl home safely -- with police finding key information on her computer and sending a signal to the man's cell phone to find which cell tower he was near, even when he wasn't using the phone. The man, from Hammond, Ind., was not charged Wednesday but was being held in the Macomb County Jail. Sheriff Mark Hackel said he expects to know today whether charges will be filed. The Free Press typically does not name suspects who have not been charged. The girl appeared in juvenile court Wednesday afternoon, but Hackel did not say what came out of the hearing. In general, the Free Press does not name people under 16 involved in what could be a criminal case. A few years ago, Fuller, the Kalamazoo County sergeant working midnight patrol, would have had just a fraction of a chance of spotting the man's car. But with the information from the girl's computer, the man's cellular phone and witnesses, authorities were able to find them within hours. The case started about 9:30 p.m. Tuesday, Hackel said, when the girl got in the man's Ford Focus at Mariners Point, at 16 Mile and Crocker. The man had driven from Hammond with a 14-year-old boy police say they believe is his stepbrother. The boy was sent back to Indiana after being questioned Wednesday. The meeting between the man and girl was set up on MySpace. The girl's mother didn't return calls from the Free Press, but spoke to WDIV Local 4 reporter Marc Santia. She said the girl became so adept at abusing her computer privileges that the mother had to get rid of Internet access in their home, which no longer has even cable television. A MySpace representative said that the Web site doesn't comment on individual cases, but added that safeguards are in place to make sure children are old enough to use the site. MySpace members are required to be 14 or older, according to the Web site. Nevertheless, the Indiana man found the girl's page. It was not immediately known how he did so or when they first made contact. The two remained in touch even after the plug was pulled on the girl's home computer. Before the girl got into the car, Hackel said, she gave her friends the man's cell phone number. That was vital information in helping police track the man. Some of her friends became uncomfortable about her getting in the car, Hackel said. One friend got a description of the car -- including that it had an out-of-state plate. They called the girl's parents, who called deputies. Using statements from the witnesses and clues from the girl's family computer, detectives discovered that the man -- who has arrests for disorderly conduct and a drug offense -- was from Hammond. An Amber Alert was issued about 11:25 p.m. Tuesday. And the cell phone number, Hackel said, let deputies know for sure which way the man was headed. Detectives contacted the man's cell phone provider, who pinged his phone -- determining the handset was in range of a cell tower near Jackson off I-94. Detectives assumed that the man was heading back to Hammond along the interstate. As the car barreled down the road, the girl's mother called her on the man's cell phone and tried to alert him to her age. "I screamed through the phone ... 'You're 13. You're 13. You're 13 years old,' " she recalled, saying she hoped the man would hear. Fuller parked his cruiser on I-94 along the westbound lanes at mile marker 85 near the Galesburg exit about 12:55 a.m. Once the cell phone was identified and tracked moving west, word went out to the Kalamazoo County Sheriff's Office. Soon after the office got the Amber Alert, it was notified of the phone's expected location, said sheriff's detective Lt. Terry VanStreain. At 1:04 a.m. Wednesday, the Focus came into view. Fuller pulled out, hit the flashing lights and stopped the Focus. "She could have possibly passed for 18," VanStreain said, but Fuller tripped her up. "She gave a fictitious name, but when he asked, she couldn't spell it," VanStreain said. "She had to give up the truth then." The driver said he believed the girl was 18. He said they'd struck up a relationship on MySpace. With about 54 million users, MySpace is one of the largest of dozens of social networking sites where members can swap information, pictures, videos and chat. But some law enforcement and school officials are uneasy about the MySpace, fearing that it is too easily exploited by predators or that immature youngsters can create alternative personae that walk on the Web's wild side. Beer, liquor bottles, cigarettes and push-up bras are frequent elements of many young women's pages. Therese Tobin, the chief trial attorney in the Macomb County Prosecutor's Office, said an adult's "belief is no defense" because a physically mature 13-year-old who looks 18 or 20 years old is still a minor. She said parents also must monitor their kids' time and activities on computers. "Television used to be thought of as a baby-sitter," Tobin said. "Now it's computers, and with computers it can be a free-for-all with what's out there." Raunchy behavior is not the only concern. In April, five teenage boys in Kansas were arrested after posting messages about a Columbine-style attack on a high school. In March, two teenagers in Farmington talked about burning down a school in the name of MySpace to prove a point. Now, a Harrison Township mother with a harrowing tale has just one piece of advice for other parents: "Just don't let them on MySpace at all," she said. "I thought she was just contacting her school friends. I never thought she was going to take off to Indiana." Contact JOHN MASSON at 586-469-4904 or [email protected] Local 4 reporter Marc Santia contributed to this report. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Put the computer in a place where an sdult can see the screen..... This 'dude' should get some time too!!He knew better than this. Her parents need some "court time" too --- they need to be alert
  19. E-Mail address bait? What will they think of next? Kd5--- People who print are commonly described as 'communicators' and will go to great ends to make sure that the things they have to say , are interpreted correctly. Also, engineering school and drafting schools demand a printed script that can be read by anyone. The profession that needs proper handwriting is actually proud of the fact that, their members cannot write--- Medical Doctors.
  20. E-Mail address bait? What will they think of next? Kd5--- People who print are commonly described as 'communicators' and will go to great ends to make sure that the things they have to say , are interpreted correctly. Also, engineering school and drafting schools demand a printed script that can be read by anyone. The profession that needs proper handwriting is actually proud of the fact that, their members cannot write--- Medical Doctors.
  21. One entry found for ambivert. ambivertambivertDictionary Main Entry: am·bi·vert Pronunciation: 'am-bi-"v&rt Function: noun Etymology: ambi- + -vert (as in introvert) : a person having characteristics of both extrovert and introvert
  22. http://www.aaha-handwriting.org/ I'm a member of AAHA and this test is cute, and relies upon a few characteristics found commonly in any handwriting. Enjoy-- its fun-- but don't put too much creditability in the findings..
  23. In cold weather areas the compressor seals tend to 'set' because they are not used for a long time-- to solve it-- just run the ac on a warm day during the winter-- I have a 92 S truck and the air puts out 41 degree 'f' air at the dash vents to this day, no repair has been needed at all. I work at the 'factory' and we build 435 trucks on each of two shifts- all the ac's are tested for leaks-- 'electronic sniffer' is used, and detects minute amounts of R-134 --- the truck is sent to a repair area and will not be released until it is operating properly. Things have changed a lot in the quality of componets that are put into the final product at GM, but they are mechanical devices (or electrical) and some will fail -- statistics show that 99 % will do very well for their designed lifespan..
  24. Thank You DD-- may your Easter (its Sunday down under) be nice as well.
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