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  1. Wanted to make this easier to find-- very nice-- Thank You
  2. It says right there in the story--- BP apologizes to the people of Alaska, and all others who depend on the oil operation for any problems that may occur.
  3. Diet Dew is good for a load of caffeine, so I drink it on hot days, and Gatoraide is good too. Water seems to get the job done, but it tastes watery..
  4. According to her profile she hasn't checked in at the Pit since 12-10-05. Her web site is still up, so you can send good wishes there too. If ya see this-- Happy Birthday, Dragonladee and come back soon
  5. Drill bit was copper coated, wasn't it?
  6. It is easy to make-- the secret is in the sauce, or jus (juice) read up a bit, the go to the store and get the stuff you need to cook your own... http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Au_jus Flavor the meat you are cooking , so the juice comes out the way you want it to taste, after cooking..
  7. Comcast equals "Thieving Pigs" Around here they talk and sell one set of numbers---- and deliver nothing like they're supposed to..
  8. More neat stuff along the same line of thinking... http://www.networkworld.com/topics/operati...erating_systems Very nice site..
  9. Found another stats site--- about the same thing. but fun to look through.. http://marketshare.hitslink.com/report.aspx?qprid=2 Enjoy
  10. I found a site with all the browser and operating system statistics laid out in nice, easy to use, numbers. At the bottom, you will notice that AOL uses a combination of IE and Mozilla--- that's how they make it faster on dial up--- then charge an extra five bucks for the 'free from Mozilla' faster loading... http://www.w3schools.com/browsers/browsers_stats.asp Almost forgot the link---
  11. Yep-- Happy Birthday-- and many more to follow!!
  12. This table top is solid oak--- I built it table 25 years ago and about the time I figured out it was too small for what I wanted to use it for--- I had it assembled and ready for final sanding etc--- then I set it aside, and built another one--- the right size, this time--- this one got used as an assembly bench, tv stand, lamp table, shooting bench-- yep, I put it on the pick-up and put three sand bags on it-- and sighted a 30-30, a 30.06, and a couple .22 magnums some ---longneckers--put it on the truck and brought it home and put the living room lamp back on it--- all before dark... I was young then... Now it is serving a life as computer headquarters... (ha, ha).. It needs a mouse pad until I get it sanded and finished... It's on my list of things to do before I turn 90...
  13. If this were to happen on a Windows installation--- it would be a display driver issue.
  14. http://www.cyberguys.com/templates/searchd...c25&child=1ac25 I bought one of these and thought it would be nice for my newer flat panel--- it came today --- I had to move the keyboard over to get the thing on the desk..
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