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  1. My friend Glen at work has been using Atkins Diet to control his diabetes. He was testing 3 times a day, and injecting insulin at least once a day. He started eating the low carb method and his blood sugar stabilized within three months and he lost 54 pounds in six months. I started doing the low carb thing and have lost 9 pounds and I wasn't trying to lose weight. I take steroids for asthma and the steroids make you hungry all the time. Now, I watch what I eat and have managed to get back into some clothes I had grown out of. I was eating way too much of the wrong kind of foods, and jus
  2. With gasoline going for 2.09 per gallon my computer show visits must be limited to Mt Clemens Mich or Flint Mich. I certainly would enjoy visiting with fellow pitsters while pawing through bits and pieces of technology. I only need a stick of DDR memory , 512 mg for 400 fsb . Well, I might see my way to get a faster DVD recorder if the price was right. I have 4 boxes hooked to a kvm switch, and really don't need too much stuff--- more time to play with all of it is my real wish--not more stuff.
  3. I'm going to lose a friend to bone cancer soon--no cure or treatment regimen will help. It does seem that more money is spent to elect a useless polititan than to find cures for fatal diseases. It has rained just over 3.25 inches of water in the past 36 hours, lots of rain before that too---I am mowing every three days now, and my plants need sunlight for a couple days. We are not out of the drought--the Great Lakes are still over four feet below mean water datum. Sorry to hear about Merlin.
  4. Mine is 11" by 13" and is very plain--I use it to protect the red oak table I built for my computer desk. I gotta shorten the legs on this table---It was originally supposed to be a side table--but the demands of the modern world pressed it into a service it was not designed to perform. I think I will order a set of "Queen Anne " table legs for it, the kind with the nice turn outs at the floor end. Furniture is fun--so is the garden.
  5. Can ya say that Bush got caught with his Cheney hangin' out. And, if he did, would ya have to call him Clinton?
  6. Check this out --- just as a reminder about drinking and driving-- www.theoaklandpress.com The story on the front page is about a "police drunk driver round up" involving six departments---they did 160 or more traffic stops looking for drinking drivers---well read it for your self. My point is--too many drinkers do too much damage, and then claim they cannot be held responsible because they had too much to drink--now the law says "booze or no booze--you are responsible for your actions" If ya can't handle the liquor--- leave it on the bar--drink water.
  7. The US may give lip service at the UN or where ever or what ever ---but the dollars flow freely from the US Congress to the Isreali treasury. Your tax dollars are supplying the grenades and missles and bullets that are "containing" the Palestininans in such a kind loving fashion.
  8. The dramm shop laws are known as the "bartenders grief"---seems that "bar hoppers" those who go from bar to bar are getting drunker and drunker and the barkeeper would set up another drink if the drunk could get his money onto the bar--the last bartender was responsible for the drunk--under the law. If you didn't want to be the last responsible bartender--just don't serve the drunk--send them away without serving them---- "problem solved"---taverns have insurance for this here. It is costly--and mandatory. was reading the paper the other day and the article said that Michigan Liquor consum
  9. In Michigan we have a "Dramm Shop Law" ---it says "If booze is consumed on a premise--private or public--you must not let the drunk leave and drive a motor vehicle. At our local General Motors Plant a few had a few in the parking lot and came back to work drunk--the foreman "threw them out of the plant" and two got caught drinking and driving and tried to sue the corporation " for allowing them to leave the premises when drunk. Big legal hassle followed--and it turns out that large corporations are responsible for the consequences of illegal alcohol comsumption---hence---no drinkers are
  10. You could download Karens power tools and run the "computer Profiler" ---this will tell you what is in the box and what the values are.
  11. In ME you have to disable system restore when you change settings---if you don't--the old setting will load from the restore on boot up---so just disable ---change things--re-enable ---done and done.
  12. I have a high definition garden with high definition weeds and bugs. Now I get coffee grounds from the local Starbucks and my high definition earth worms got a caffine buzz. Come on---shut off the tv and get outside---I was looking through the tv book that comes with the Sunday paper and all it had to offer--was endless REALITY programs. YIKES---I spent most of the weekend doing gardening in public gardens in Lapeer County Mich. so they look nice when people drive by. I,m biased against TV--does it show? OFF is beautiful. I have to admit---Star Trek Enterprize might look pretty g
  13. It has been ugly since 1947 and will get more ugly as time passes and more excuses are found to do murder. Just remember ----this is all made possible by plenty of US dollars and military hardware---you can claim innocence by checking the little box on your income tax return.
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