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  1. you scare to tell me how build my own provider don't worry i will found how and then i will beat you so bad
  2. in this we talking about the best price and the defference to cable vs dsl in the other thread we talking about what is better cable or dsl
  3. I want build my own provider tell me how
  4. im not this we talking about the best price...
  5. Of course T1 $599 per month is nothing
  6. you can't understand read here.http://help.rr.com/getpage.asp?/faqs/e_slo...Issues,selfhelp then read here. http://www.rrbiz.com/RoadRunner/sec_unform...=&CID=23&DID=28
  7. WHAT? ehehehehehe you funny there is a big difference ok listen now i have: 3000/384 dhcp price a month $44.95 I want change to: 3000/768 static price month $139.95 now i tell you where is the difference 1 ip: dhcp is mean other people can use the same ip static you have your personal IP that is mean nobody use your same ip 2.im going to increase my speed Upstream to 768Kbps the double quantity of what I have now. that is the difference why you pay $95 dollars check this list http://www.dslreports.com/reviews/2277
  8. UHMM!?>! Why ? you have your provider? :help:
  9. ? no you don't understand now i have: Cable road runner Get up to 3.0Mbps/384Kbps $44.95 for personal reason i need more speed. the big question here is: I buy Cable or Dsl ? Pay $139 dollars per month is very :censored: because for $149 per month you can get a dedicated server
  10. i found this: DSL TeleSoho 3.0 COVAD NET Get up to 3.0Mbps/768kbps $99.95/mo Cable Road Runner Get up to 3.0Mbps/768Kbps $139.95 maybe the cable is more faster but Dsl is better deal if you have a better price just TELL ME LOL
  11. WRONG !!!! ok i tell you before you go crazy my area is East Coast ;state?! New York
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