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  1. I have had a xp120 for a little while now and i love it, installation was a little taxing but worth it. Pretty big!! n3z
  2. I have really started getting into CS:S, i play it once a day, and im definatly better than when i started. It is the best looking multiplayer game i have ever seen, it just makes me want to upgrade so i can play with all the fancy options turned on!!! M4 all the way!!
  3. this may sound a bit crazy but take it all apart, get some sleep then slowly put it all back together making sure everything is right and checking as you go. sleep always helps
  4. do you have a window on it? a friend of mine has a very simliar looking case without a window and he painted a white strip along the side, it looks very sweet
  5. That is one sweeet case, savrow use it to make their pcs http://www.savrow.com/nsite/deuterium.html its really wide a very good choice
  6. Hey We have a LAN of 4 PC's in our house and we are looking for a good flight sim/dog fighting game to play over lan, it must be able to run on a geforce 440 and be resonably playable with keyboard and mouse. Any ideas? Cheers Nez
  7. i dont want to steal your thread but wanna see some pictures? I'm getting a bit more new stuff tomorrow and i'll put up some pictures then, its quite a change from my old one
  8. If you can fit an xp120 then go for it, its probebly the best Air cooled solution you can get. I got one today and my cpu has dropped 12 degrees and the temperature stays pretty much the same most of the time http://www.thermalright.com/a_page/main_product_xp120.htm
  9. i bought HL2 through steam, i have never needed the CD to play it
  10. You don't want an SE thats for sure they are worse than the normal ones!!!! but the second one seems good if it stays at that price
  11. I think he wants to make it himself, i know that any mods i do to my pc mean a lot more to me than just buying a store bought pre modded item.
  12. its a good choice, you wont regret it
  13. yeah i would say 128mb too, it doesn't really make much difference except for price.
  14. lol, the voodoo is many years old!! sory i was only kidding, the 5600/5700 are good, i'm an ati sort of person so i would go for an 9600 but they are around about the same level, which is the best bet for games, if you can get an 9600xt for £50 go for it you wont be disapointed
  15. I would go for a Voodoo 5, great card. would you consider a second hand card, you could get a nice ATI 9600 for about £50 i imagine you are in the uk, if you can get to pc world they have the GeForce 5600 0r 5700 on special for £50 at the moment too, but dont get it from their website, it is possibly the worst online shop ever!!!
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