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  1. Okey Dokey makes sense should have thought of that My E-mail is in D:\Documents and Settings\Martin\Local Settings\Application Data\Identities\{FAE66071-54EA-4AEC-9B35-4CD7F372C078}\Microsoft\Outlook Express To find your store file open oe go into options then click the maintenance tab then click store folder I always set it to a different partion so I dont wipe it when I reinstall windows (mind like a sieve)
  2. Removing OE shouldn't delete your e-mails, they should still be in your store folder (c: my docs etc etc ). Have you tried going to add/remove programmes clicking on IE then select the repair option you will need your CD disk, or running the setup exe from within the IE folder..
  3. Select your main browser as IE that should cure it especially if you have FF on your system.. Then Select OE as your main mail client.. EDIT Just found a link that might help Link Failure
  4. Jump to this thread there a 2 rootkit tools there Rootkits
  5. My problem appeared as random reboots, as you did I did a full reinstall on a different partition , didn't work. I then turned on the blue screen of death for software failures, the minidump revealed no errors, in fact no software reboots. The fan also sounded as though it were a variable speed one but it wasn't.. As for Av software I swear by Avast but for most it's personal preference, however Avast is set and forget auto VPS and programme updates plus highly configureable with a boot scan (pre-windows log-in) and has a webshield to scan data prior to it reaching your harddrive, I am unab
  6. I just had a quick look at your results and couldn't see an antivirus programme running if you haven't got one whenever you go online you could open yourself up to infection. But as for your original problem I have just had to replace my psu due to random reboots . If you need an av there are several free on the web Avast, Avg etc.
  7. oftentired my apologies you obviously have it under control. My concern was that a novice might see this and think, thats cool I'll do that then and end up severely inffected. I agree that the human element is the most vital.
  8. To me that does not make sense as you can still get drive by baddies and as you have Avast why not just have the webshield provider running and the rest turned off if you are so concerned about resources. But having said that Avast with 4 providers running out of the seven only has a footprint of 20mb, I feel you may be making false economies here, plus you can still be infected by e-mails if even if you don't open any attachments.. To prove it try this e-mail test Test here
  9. Tried it and got an FFAA according to this I don't have an antivirus installed DUH I have the latest version of Avast latest definition update 15 minutes ago. It also told me that several security fixes for IE5 are missing, well yes they would be I have IE6 and SP2. Although it is a clever marketing ploy. As for security hardening do I need it, my antivirus screens all web pages before they even get on my system any untoward scripts, trojans, exploits or viruses are stopped dead by the scanner aborting the connection to that website. And as I allways check before I download and s
  10. just tried it again (uk) only one I could access was xenite remainder 401'd and all internal links on that site worked.
  11. Good question I have run the programme a couple of times now and it hasn't found anything, I should assume though that it is a fully working version from reading the site and finding a clean switch after the scan is complete. If you go to this link it will give a summary of how it works I believe this beta version is valid until mid april at no charge Help file EDIT: Just checked the date beta expires Ist May
  12. There is a download currently available to scan your system for this problem called F-Secure blacklight currently in a beta version but free to download at Blacklight worth a twirl
  13. Just tried it FF says unable to find site. mayhap it's down
  14. Hi Hogan Basically the virus recovery data base takes copies of the most important windows files and "hides" them, then if the files should be attacked by a virus Avast will delete the corrupt file and replace it with a good backup copy. I generally let the VRDB run when the computer is idle , it's all automatic. Additionally you can generate one at any time by right clicking the icon in the tray and selecting generate now. EDIT To check web shield try to download the eicar test virus you can't even download it Eicar test virus
  15. 4.6 has only been out 2 maybe 3 days. Ensure that programme update is set to automatic or just right click the Avast Icon in the tray and select programme update or go here Avast 4.6 link EDIT here is a quick resume of 4.6 Whats new
  16. In addition to my last post on avast the main forum for 4.6 is at Avast Any information you will need should be on there and the response time on questions is pretty fast usually taking less than an hour. It will also help you around any installation/ compatability problems. The only one I have noticed is with the privacy setting on ZoneAlarm it needs to be off for the webshield to function correctly. However if you have SP2 or Firefox that shouldn't be a problem and that slight inconvenience is worth the ability to snare VBS / Trojans before they hit your computor. Any questions just p
  17. Check out Avast 4.6 has auto programme and virus updates. Dedicated P2P and IM scanner, on the fly web scanner (still a few minor problems with this) Network shield, internetmail and Outlook scanners. Removes virii from system restore, removes on boot if stubborn and it costs Zilch Nada. Been using it for 18 months now no viruses no problems and with the new version it actually blocked a trojan from the net before it even went onto my disc. Good easy to use interface , with a virus recovery data base of critical files in case the worse happens. Plus you can schedule a boot time scan.
  18. Have a look at this thread last post by me details one problem with the latest build Avast web page problems
  19. I've been following the thread on zero spyware for a while so I thought I'd give it a whirl however the website is no longer responding. I googled it and tried to come in from several directions but according to firefox there is no such site. Is my spelling that attrocious..... or have I missed something. I managed to get the web installer and even that couldn't find the website.
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