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    Goals<br> 1. Senior LPGA tour.. 2010<br> 2. Quantam Physics Doctorate .. 2020<br> 3. Complete operation of Non-Profit .. 2006<br> [email protected] <br> 'The Basics of Prosperity'<br> "R&D Center for Mental Illness vs. Metaphysics"<br> 4. Use my Ministry ordainment for ALL

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  1. :beer: Im... thnx your a sweety..but I feel I AM missing out... I have wanted :welfold: in my "resume" for many years.. thnx .. butt...now at this time I have Much More Worries....FIRES...and ontop MONSOONS... Holy Mergatroid.... I have to shut down fear of lightning. always,, Michele
  2. Well my friends, I really decided to join the 'Team'....downloaded etc... Woke up yesterday morning to find I could not connect... yes I am still dial-up .... the 'only' dial-up connection in this 'god-forsaken' part of the southwest.. (michigander, I am) has JUST changed to "limited"...and I am now OVER my limit... OK..so you say...just change ISPs....I have been with this server for 5 years.. It is beginning to dawn on me just how much of my life is listed under this server and I am S-L-O-W-L-Y BUT surely getting more depressed... I 'of course' being a 'woman'...'bit__ed' out the isp...for..blah bla etc.. they gave me 9 hours until 07-21-05...as a "courtesy"... So.. my Friends... I tried as I did years ago to 'become a part of the "Team"... ......Yes.. I am looking for a new ISP...but 'Folding' isn't in the for me .... at this time..... Love you all... always, Michele
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