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  1. Hi The whole bluetooth thing doesn't work even if I use the Bluesoleil software either. It cannot pick up my phone. The phone is set to visible to all users, but what makes me think that it's the dongle is that when I put it in the USB port, the computer doesn't recognise the new hardware. It does if I put any other device into it though. Both PC suite and Bluesoleil tell me that the hardware (dongle) needs to be inserted when it already is. Therefore I can only conclude that it doesn't work. If I right click on a photo on my computer for instance, I don't get an option to send via bluetooth and thats with PC suite and bluesoleil running. When I run PC Suite, all I get is a blank grey screen with the File' Edit, View, Tools, Help options at the top, and nothing else. I am disconnected in the systray too. I have asked the people I bought it from to send me a replacement. I feel positive that it's the dongle because with all your help surely by now this would all be sorted out?
  2. Cheers mate, done all that. I now have a new icon (mRouter) telling me that PC Suite is disconnected. It won't connect either. When it searches it tells me to insert the bluetooth device, but it's already in. Surely the only thing left now is to get my dongle changed as it must be the only thing left to try. I'm sure that it's knackered When I check properties, the COM500 port is checked, so it MUST be a hardware issue surely?
  3. Hi The PC suite that I'm using is the 6.6 version downloaded within the last week. I haven't used a disc version. When I right click on either of the Nokia icons in the system tray (the mobile phone or the 'tennis ball' one), I don't get a 'properties' option. The mobile phone icon gives me all the 'add contacts', 'create ringtones' etc etc, and the tennis ball one gives me 'help' 'phone selector' etc etc. The mobile phone icon has a red 'X' on it indicating that there is no connection. I also have the bluesoleil icon too - blue when it's running and grey when it's not (as it is now). I also have a new icon that has the network symbol with a red 'X' on it. When I double click that one it comes up as 'Local Area Connection 3 - Bluetooth PAN Network Adaptor - a network cable is unplugged'. This is all with the dongle in. It seems to me that the software is working fine, but the dongle is knackered. Do you think that's the problem? I don't know how I can get to that M Router thing you are describing, but I am sure that I have come across it during this searching and the bluetooth box was checked. Thanks for your help on this
  4. Cheers. I've had a look and have no exclamation marks. As I have my printer, cordless mouse, keyboard etc etc in my USB ports, should I disconnect them all before rebooting? I have used Reg Mechanic too so that bit is sorted. Thanks for your advice so far on this
  5. Unfortunately, I did pop the dongle in before installing, but I have taken it out and left it out, and uninstalled all the software too now, but it still doesn't work. When I put it in, it wasn't long enough for windows to try and find the drivers etc etc for it. When I run the Bluesoleil software, it tells me to connect a bluetooth device, but doesn't recognise the dongle when I do put it in. Is it possible that my dongle is just not working, and all this effort is in vain? I have installed/uninstalled the Nokia suite and the soleil software countless times. It clearly doesn't work. Even after uninstalling both of them then just putting the dongle in, windows doesn't even recognise the new bit of hardware anymore. It's all very frustrating.
  6. I have a Nokia 6600. I have bought a new Nokia 3230. All my old contacts/pictures/videos etc etc can apparently be transfered from one to the other using a 'dongle'. So far so good. So I bought the BlueSoleil dongle on dwuk.com at a very reasonable price, but this is where the problems start. I used the disc to load the drivers, but the dongle cannot detect anything. even worse, I cannot even get the software to search for a bluetooth device. Even worse still, Microsft's website is talking crap. I have XP Home Edition SP2, and the advice I got from Microsoft when troubleshhoting was to go to Settings/Control Panel/Printers and Other Devices and go on the Bluetooth tab. Hello!!! I don't have Printers and Other Devices in the menu, let alone one for Bluetooth!!! All in all, I'm fast getting het up. I knew it was the wrong week to quit smoking!! Anyone else run this software, having similar trouble, or even had the trouble and cured it?? At the moment, it's getting dangerously close to being launched from my window into the street
  7. Cheers Joe. Only thing is, where do I move the BIOSCTL file to on my drive c? Cheers
  8. Does this work? http://www.pcpitstop.com/techexpress.asp?id=JCAD9WN6A1RSZDWE
  9. Thanks very much for replying. That seems to prove to me that I am not the only one getting the message, but I am afraid that's all a bit complicated to me as I am at best a competent computer user. I have no idea what all that script means or how to use it. Running command.com does bring the message up again though. When I search for files or folders, the autoexec file doesn't even get recognised.
  10. When I boot my computer now, I get the follwing message:- C:\WINDOWS\UI\BIOSCTL.EXE C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM32\AUTOEXEC.N.T The system file is not suitable for running MS-DOS and Microsoft Windows Applications. Choose Close to terminate the application. The message appears in a '16 bit MS-DOS' box. Then I am offered the chance to Close or Ignore. This appeared from nowhere 4 or 5 days ago. Running Adaware, Reg Mechanic and PC Pitstop tests do not alter it or even pick it up. The last test results can be seen at http://www.pcpitstop.com/pcpitstop/Summary...?conid=11800148 What to do?!
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