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  1. MMmmm Mountain oysters...sliced thin fried to a crispy golden brown and a couple of :beer: :beer:
  2. Green bean casserole with the mushroom soup and french fried onions on top
  3. Seems that they also think they can play God.
  4. Should be an arrow indicating air flow direction on it somewhere.
  5. I have two computers connected with Linskys router and cable modem. Main computer is not connecting,however second one is.When I try repair network option it tells me repair failed:unable to renew IP Address. How do I go about doing this. Running XP btw. Thanks
  6. Nevermind seems fine now. odd BTW Congrats Radio! :beer:
  7. Trying to check stats on OC page...says team 32035 doesn't exist in database. Whats up with that?
  8. Only thing holding a grudge does is let the other person win...as in knowing they got under your skin. Never give em the pleasure.
  9. That would be Warrant Magog ........... Country Pie by Bob Dylan
  10. A quick little tidbit...seems that VH1 has chosen Nirvanas "Smells like teen spirit" as the best song in the past 25 yrs. Wonder who decided that??
  11. CIS means contact image sensor, something to do with resolution
  12. Nice Jander...got any lotus? I have a gorgeous red one in my pond(wading pool) Also some water hyacinth
  13. 107 yrs. for me. Really I'm not a bad person
  14. Sure it is...along with some turkey and cranberries
  15. Docs got me on flexeril muscle relaxant and hydrocodone(had a ruptured disc). Also put me on Zoloft which is suppose to calm nerve endings. Use to to get severe shooting pain down my left leg,which was the pieces of disc pushing on the sciatic nerve. Just had massive flare up this week, been in bed flat on my back since last Tues.Todays the first day I was able to sit in puter chair for any length of time. Hope ya get better Green Bay!
  16. No butt-er beans or fresh butt-ered sweet corn for lunch V?
  17. Sensing a tangent headed to the entirely gross
  18. New meaning to the term "sourdough" huh?
  19. Just an observation Volt sir Lurked a long time before I posted.
  20. That I find hard to believe! My first problem that got me here was just changing from a PCI vid card to AGP, which when I did the puter would not even POST. after I believe 3 pages of replies, finally found that the mobo I had just wasn't compatible with the card. BTW the first person to reply was good ole Volt.
  21. Hey Ax, Care if I nab it for my desktop? Awesome pic btw!
  22. First album : Alice Cooper, Welcome to my nightmare I believe it was. First gig was KISS in 76' at the ripe old age of 13...still have the ticket stub. High Five to the Hammer man!!
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