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  1. It's definitely a good idea to get rid of the 1KB clusters (they are probably 512 bytes actually but we report 1KB). However, since the 4KB partition performance is bad as well, I have to think it's related to the RAID5 array and not the logical formatting. Our disk test does an equal amount of reading and writing. It is NOT a read-only data transfer test. RAID5 tends to do poorly on any write-intensive testing because of the extra work required to generate the parity data. If the controller does the parity in firmware (instead of a dedicated XOR hardware engine) then it's even slower. I don't know anything about that particular controller. To see if it's the writes, go here and run the disk test, then report the details it gives you: http://www.pcpitstop.com/beta/quick.htm
  2. rpitt1, be sure to head over to the customer service page if you haven't already. http://www.pcpitstop.com/store/service.asp
  3. For some reason it didn't receive the CPU identification from your system. I would delete those test results and retest to see if it happens again. Also, try enabling some of the services that you disabled and see if it fixes the problem. I'd be interested to know what service might cause the problem.
  4. To remove any of the PC Pitstop software, use these instructions: http://www.pcpitstop.com/faq/utilities.asp For information on our cookies, see this page: http://www.pcpitstop.com/faq/cookies.asp
  5. I think our shopping cart's mail system may be acting up, and of course it picked a holiday weekend to do so. If you haven't gotten an email, just send us a message through our customer service page. http://www.pcpitstop.com/store/service.asp On that page you can also try to do a lookup using our automated form there, but if you can't find it just send us a message. If you bought through Computer Associates they are supposed to handle the purchase and send your license key. However, we want you to be able to use the product! If you don't hear from them, drop us a line on the customer service page and we'll work it out.
  6. Bobby, I have Comcast as well and have seen the recent ads that say 6 megabits. My speed has been the same as yours, about 3800-3900 kilobits, for at least the past year or so--before that it was around 3000 kilobits. I think they may not have done the speed upgrade through all neighborhoods. As far as Optimize goes, can you give this a try? Run this Autofix and see if it makes things better--try both settings that it offers. (Remember, you have to reboot any time you change Internet settings). Autofix Let me know which setting works the best.
  7. The database for the main PC Pitstop site will be down from about 4am to 6am Eastern time for an emergency hardware repair. This will affect the full tests and the spyware scan, but many other services (bandwidth tests, for example) will be unaffected.
  8. As long as the Internet zone is set to Medium and nothing else is broken, it doesn't have to be in the Trusted zone. That's a good troubleshooting suggestion though, especially if it's worked for two people already.
  9. I think you need to disable everything except stock Microsoft stuff and try it then. Proxo's whole job in life is to mangle web page source code, if it's running then all bets are off.
  10. Another possibility: Some antivirus programs see the virus signature file used by the scanner and think it is a virus. Maybe TeaTimer is seeing something and thinks it is malicious? Try disabling TeaTimer while you load the scanner. As Hawk likes to day, "let us know please!"
  11. Right, most of the comparisons on the site are to systems with a similar CPU type and speed. Let's call those "You don't sweat that much for a fat person" comparisons. The System Comparisons page is different precisely because it takes off all the constraints and says "how does my system compare to all the ones out there?" I agree that it would be a good idea to split notebook from desktop, and that's something we'll look at adding. For the rest, though, I think people do want to know how their PC stacks up against everyone else's, not just the ones that are very similar.
  12. Melelina, it sounds like you have a few possible culprits including KIS. When you say that you can't get ANY page to load except the home page, do you really mean that you can't start the tests process? For example, can you load a set of someone elses results through a TechExpress link, or can you go to a FAQ page? In other words, do any of these load? http://www.pcpitstop.com/faq/default.asp http://www.pcpitstop.com/spycheck/ http://www.pcpitstop.com/ http://www.pcpitstop.com/testax.asp http://www.pcpitstop.com/about/default.asp
  13. Or maybe this one? http://www.qarbon.com/faqs/viewletpresente...es.html#activex
  14. The GU:Server means that it couldn't reach the Panda server where the updates are stored. I just checked it here and it was working fine, so either the Panda site was temporarily unreachable from your location or some virus on your system is blocking the scanner getting there.
  15. Since General Discussions is now reopened, I'll close this thread. Please be sure to read the grand reopening post from me.
  16. Checks and money orders have very high "touch costs" so we don't have any process set up to accept them. Not a lot of people request it, so given the low volume we would almost lose money on those sales. Both credit cards and Paypal have pretty good consumer protection on them.
  17. We have a money-back refund if you're not satisfied. All we ask is that you provide as much information as you can about your computer setup and why you're unhappy, so we can improve the product. http://www.pcpitstop.com/store/service.asp
  18. Something has been fiddling with your settings, EclipseWebJS2. It might be some security utility you've used. You should be able to go to IE's Tools, Internet Options, Security, and set the Internet zone for Medium security. That is the default.
  19. Wigan, I enjoy most of GD as well, which is why it will probably come back. But I suppose what this last episode has taught us is that we have to be more aggressive about stopping the people who disrupt GD. It's a shame because sometimes even the threads that look like they're heading into flame territory end up being interesting. You'll have to excuse my frequent absences but I've been busy both at work and at home. We are throwing a party for my parents next weekend, it's their 50th wedding anniversary. I am staying busy with party preparations.
  20. We've removed GD temporarily before when people got out of hand. Disrespect for the forum rules and moderators got us there. I've said it before, GD is the water cooler for this site. If you're ONLY hanging out at the water cooler then maybe this isn't the right place for you. There are plenty of other forums where you can hang out if your goal is exclusively to discuss heated topics rather than to help people with their computer problems.
  21. It could be the HDD Health utility, I don't see anything else that would do it.
  22. As far as the 100% CPU problem goes, there is a known bug inside Windows 95/98/Me that sometimes causes it to report that information incorrectly. The most common cause is that you have two different programs trying to measure CPU load, but I've seen it in other situations as well. Given that Windows Me is five years old I doubt they'll ever fix it...
  23. dave

    Why is it...

    I hope this thread gives some of you a better idea of what it's like to keep things running smoothly around here. It's a definite balancing act. Regarding the question about private information, the moderators and admins have access to things like email and IP addresses. Also, private messages are stored in the database with all the other messages, and it is technically possible for an admin to read them by querying the database. I can tell you that I don't do that, but if you are saying something you absolutely don't want to be revealed I would not put it in a PM. Our policy is that we don't give any of the non-public information we have to other people unless they have a warrant. About a month ago I posted a reminder of that policy in the moderators forum. If someone is giving out that information they are violating our poicy.
  24. Why not put a single link to a page where you list as much as you want, or even to your profile? I like the way you've got your sig now. That way we don't need to see the stuff 100 times if you post 100 times. That starts to add up! We shrank the size down because there was way too much abuse of the space. Sure, someone could go around trying to police it all, but it's easier to let the computer do the policing.
  25. IntelGuy is right, we're not going to ban someone just because they don't like our product. Who is your ISP? There are a few ISPs that appear to offer high speeds but have bottlenecks in their network that cause trouble with high RWIN values. We're looking at ways to deal with that but need some information about who your ISP is and where you are located.
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