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  1. Hi, you'll need to allow www.pcpitstop.com and ftp.pcpitstop.com. The corresponding ips are and FTP is used for the upload test.
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    Thanks, Y, I have a feeling that the guys over at DriverAgent are going through some growing pains--but that's no excuse for ignoring customer service.
  3. Click the yellow bar and tell it to run pcpitstop.dll. Sounds like you are running IE7 beta?
  4. The Armani.exe worries me as well. I would kill it and try to figure out what is up with that. You might want to use a tool like Rootkit Revealer because I'm thinking only a rootkit could avoid both Norton and Windows Defender.
  5. That isn't a crash, it sounds like a DNS problem or other issue. Scroll to the very bottom of the page. What does it say? You have quite a few add-ins, bhos, and other security software running. Was any of that added since the last time you were able to run the tests? Or, did you reconfigure your security or update versions since that time?
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    We're working on it, hope to be rid of Invision's server for good in the next few weeks. I don't like the way Invision has tarted up the 2.x version either but it may be too hard to switch software. Getting off their network and servers is a good start.
  7. I think there was some recent Microsoft patch that caused Win98 to break. Don't forget guys, Win98/Me goes off Microsoft life support in July. It's getting difficult to support Win98, I don't think MS is testing a lot of the recent IE6 fixes on Win98.
  8. What specific page are you on when the crash occurs? Is it a crash, with a dialog that says IE has terminated? If so, what do the crash details say? http://www.pcpitstop.com/faq/tests.asp#crash
  9. From another thread, Joe C found an update: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/917425/ Can someone try installing this on a broken system and let us know if it fixes the problem?
  10. skinny51, thanks for reporting this. Looking around the web it does appear that KB912812 is causing some problems. It's labeled as a high-priority fix though, so I'm hesitant to recommend uninstalling it. I keep all my setups here fully patched and they're not having issues, so I have to figure it's some interaction with other stuff that isn't on any of my systems. If you want to uninstall the patch, go to Control Panel, Add/Remove Programs and check the box that says "Show updates". Scroll down to Windows XP Sofware Updates and you shoudl see KB912812 there. After removing it you can get it back by going to Windows Update.
  11. The original reason I expired the links was because I was concerned about privacy. Here are some thoughts I had about making TE links better. What do you guys think? 1) Don't expire the links. A TE link lasts forever. The only way to break the link is to delete the results for that configuration in the "View previous test results" screen. 2) Like #1, but have an indicator in "View previous test results" that shows whether you have created a TE link for this set of results. If you have created one, there would be an option to "break" the links if you wanted. Before making any change I would want to update the documentation on the site explaining how links work. I would also invalidate any existing TE links that were created under the old assumptions and haven't yet expired--we can't change the privacy rules in the middle of the game.
  12. Usually all the devices on the motherboard will get their drivers from a set of drivers that are provided by the motherboard maker. Looks like it's this system? http://www.clevo.com.tw/products/D900K.asp If so the drivers should be here: http://www.clevo.com.tw/download/ftpOut.as...l=D900K&ltype=9
  13. That's odd on the date. We get that from the registry. Something must have written to those registry keys for some reason, which changed the date.
  14. Try turning off the visual effects to see if that helps. http://www.pcpitstop.com/pcpitstop/tipvisualfx.asp
  15. Try this: http://support.microsoft.com/default.aspx?...kb;en-us;324767
  16. I don't have any first-hand experience with dual monitors, so I'm flying blind here. Which monitor has your taskbar? Is that the one that the test runs on?
  17. Looks pretty good to me...I would install Service Pack 2.
  18. Did you try typing regedit.exe Intstead of just regedit to see if it made a difference?
  19. It also depends on what you mean by "infected." Cookies don't count in my book but most of the scanners find them and some people may be buying antispyware programs just to get rid of cookies. I have been happy with Windows Defender but today I was looking in the event log and it was saying that SysInternals Process Explorer was Malware!
  20. Just to be clear, if you read the tip it says you can keep from getting the tip if you just set your Visual Effects options to Custom and leave everything enabled if you like. If you want instructions it's in the tip along with the screen shot.
  21. Hi, I'll just move this thread for you. You can get to Event Viewer a few different ways but the path depends on how you set up your system. Usually you can get there through Start, Control Panel, Administrative Tools, Event Viewer. If you look in the System event log you want to be looking for errors or perhaps warnings. It's hard to say whether they're important without knowing the exact messages.
  22. Boy, are you lucky I just had this happen to me. It's not related to any PC Pitstop thing, there's something that Macromedia recently did. I went to YouTube and it said I needed Flash, but when I went to the install page it said Flash was installed and working! Here's a thread with some discussion about the problem, scroll to the bottom to see it: http://www.macromedia.com/cfusion/webforum...8&enterthread=y I found this thread after I did it the hard way. I had to find all the registry entries and files, then change the permissions to allow me to delete them. I hope that thread above has enough information for you to fix the problem, there's no way I could walk someone through what I did!
  23. Remember, IE7 is a beta. None of these look like problems specific to PC Pitstop so you should probably start a thread in User-to-User help for them.
  24. That is a very short running programs list. Have you been tweaking (overtweaking) by disabling a lot of services? Love your avatar!
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