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  1. Well then, all we need to do is convince the Israeli government and Z10N and we're done.
  2. Wow, bad RAM? Glad you found it. Sure didn't sound like bad RAM but sometimes hardware problems can do strange things. I've seen similar wierdness from a bad power supply.
  3. I would like Israel's government to spare the lives of the Palestinian civilians that it is systematically murdering. That does not mean that I oppose Israel's right to exist. There is no reason to turn this into a binary situation, where we must either support Israel's actions in totality or relegate them to dust. There is an important difference between the fighting though. Israel is a nation doing these acts in an organized way on orders of its government. The Palestinians who are blowing themselves up in Israel are not part of some Palestinian national army. They are pawns of a small
  4. You can mix brands, usually there's no problem. The speed you get not only depends on b versus g, but the signal strength. If you have weak signal strength on a b connection, for example, it may only run at 4Mbps. Also, if you have ANY active b devices on your wireless network, the g devices will generally run at b speed for compatibility reasons. They will show 45Mbps but only run at 11Mbps in most cases.
  5. The problem is that wall is built by the Israelis but does not follow any recognized border. If they were putting it up between their national border that would be one thing. But instead they are putting it around the illegal settlements in the west bank.
  6. dave


    You're just a little bundle of cheer, aren't you Tankus? We have West Nile Virus becoming common over here, and from what I understand the levels of virus aren't high enough in a human to allow a mosquito to transfer the virus between two humans. For other things like BSE, maybe the probability the mosquito bites an animal or person with BSE is so low that it just hasn't happened or been documented yet.
  7. Remind me again why the Palestinians are in "refugee camps"? Did they go there as a result of something Israel did? Where were their homes before they were refugees?
  8. A google search shows this is the All Advantage toolbar: 100F5040-0FE2-11d3-8A81-00C04F529A5F Isn't All Advantage dead now?
  9. Michael Moore definitely isn't a source of fair and balanced--or even well researched--facts. But his perspective is interesting nonetheless. I'd even say it's more interesting than other "based on a true story" fiction like Oliver Stone's JFK. The only reason I can see to despise Moore is if you think that a lot of people will take his work too seriously and believe everything they see on the screen. It's a real danger, I'll give you that.
  10. Yep, but it's a question of whether the insanity is temporary or not. You have to give everyone a chance to fix a problem once it's brought to their attention. Everyone makes mistakes. I'm more worried about the people who consistently do dumb things. I'm with you on that 5-day weekend idea though.
  11. When we had this problem with the criminal element in liquor distribution during the 1930s, we legalized it and the alcohol-distribution-related violence went away.
  12. There's a difference between an "accident" and long-term bad decisions. If someone proves themselves unable to drive competently we should be taking away their license. That doesn't happen as often as it should because driving is seen as a right. Heck, look at how hard it is in a lot of places to prevent drunk driving.
  13. It looks pretty good. If you don't need Desktop Messenger I would kill the backweb program.
  14. Something hosed the file. You need to turn those off before you save the file to your disk. Look at the Diskclean.js file with Notepad. What are the first two or three lines? Post them here.
  15. I doubt there are deaths associated with a mj overdose but most likely there are many deaths related to impaired judgement or reactions. Most of the violence related to illegal drugs is because the govt laws make it risky to do business. Therefore the salespeople feel justified to use violence to protect their territories. There are many legal drugs that have high death rates (like alcohol) but they don't have the distribution-related deaths that illegal drugs have.
  16. Yep, that's a tough one. If I was being really pragmatic and cheap I would say it costs less for the abortion than to pay for the lifetime of health care for that person. But since people are even going overseas to adopt I have to wonder why we can't find a home for a child that someone would want to bring to term. I mean, some of these surrogate mothers are paid tens of thousands of dollars! A really good point too! I am against people making bad choices and then expecting me to bail them out. If they get morbidly obese from a lifetime of McDonald's food then they should either change the
  17. Olorin, not to pick on you but since you started the thread, what kind of car do you drive? How good is its gas mileage? In a way the message is true. If gas gets really expensive, say $3 a gallon, then people will use less. But delaying your fill-up a day or two isn't going to help. Using less gas will help.
  18. Exactly on topic for this thread, Z10N, that's the perfect definition of ethnic cleansing. Finally someone defines the term in practical words. Those stinky old Palestinians weren't doing anything useful with the land, so who cares if we boot them out? I can't understand why the Arab world hates us...
  19. It'll be out soon, I'm sure.
  20. K Viking, you'd better give us a link for something that crazy, and don't try this one !!! Sublimer, here's a biased answer to your question: zero .
  21. dave


    Bruce, how do you even see those little ticks? The big brown ones I can feel crawling on me most of the time, but the little deer ticks are darned near impossible to see.
  22. Government benefits are like going to dinner with a dozen people. You may think "I'm not hungry, I'm going to save money and just eat the hamburger," but if everyone else gets steak and lobster you can bet that the other 11 people will want to split the bill equally. So you get screwed. When the govt gets involved, people who take care of themselves end up paying for people who don't. I don't mind paying for someone's health care if they're taking care of themselves. But if they're smoking, driving drunk, riding a motorcycle without a helmet, and sharing needles in a shooting gallery then
  23. Why is it that the buffer zone has to come out of the Palestinian territory? This is the same reasoning that has allowed "buffer zones" around the Israeli settlements in Gaza and the West Bank. So they take a big chunk of Palestinan land, then wipe out the Palestinian settlements nearby to protect themselves. It seems like Israel can do anything they want to the Palestinians in the name of Israeli security, short of lining them up and shooting them all at once.
  24. Maybe Bush has an Islamic Domino Theory at work here: If we pull out of Iraq it will simply lead to more Islamic extremist states. But the original Domino Theory wasn't accurate, either. Communism pretty much died of its own volition. Even the Chinese Communists don't seem very Communist anymore. The biggest casualty if we pulled out would be our national pride. Seems like we're willing to do a lot of unwise things to protect that. "I have never made but one prayer to God: 'Oh, Lord, Make my enemies look ridiculous!' And God has answered it." ---Voltaire
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