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  1. Do you have a software firewall? One earlier thread mentioned they had added a background spyware scanner, maybe that is interfering.
  2. They are probably in your temp directory. Next question, where is your temp directory. Usually in XP it is here. c:\Documents and Settings\NAME\Local Settings\Temp If you don't see the Local Settings folder its because you do not have Explorer set to show hidden files and folders; you can change that in Explorer Tools, Options, View.
  3. Honestly! A flash ad is not adware. It's an ad. Joe, are you actually saying that we--the folks who run this site--are trying to infect your computer by showing a flash ad? Perhaps you can explain that comment a bit better. Please do block the ads if you want. There's no requirement to view them.
  4. Chris, that link doesn't work. 50 is pretty good for a non-RAID setup, I've only seen 100 on RAID.
  5. You need to sign up on the main site, it's separate from the forums.
  6. ZoneAlarm will hang the system every time, but you can fix it. See this page: http://www.pcpitstop.com/faq/firewall.asp
  7. Maybe you have some sort of ad blocker installed that is making the page think you are running something other than IE? What software do you have installed that affects the browser? Any Symantec, Mcafee, or ZoneAlarm products? Have you changed them from default settings?
  8. I hate those guys. Note that they are at the top of our Top25 list. Looks like they are being served out by TribalFusion, I have blocked askjeeves.com and that should prevent them from showing. BTW, is anyone else seeing the top ad showing up too far down the page? I am still running IE7 beta 1 on this system so maybe it's just that.
  9. "i get an error cannot load winasapi. dll when trying to scan with pcpitstop" It sounds like you may have run with debugging turned on. That message does not mean there is a problem necessarily, it is just a message that can help if there is a problem. Is there something in particular that caused you to use debugging?
  10. If you are using ZoneAlarm, did you follow the FAQ instructions? If you're using some other firewall, which one? If it's stopping at the upload test it's a firewall issue.
  11. It sounds like your BIOS is reporting the wrong amount of memory. As long as Windows sees it all you are probably okay. If there is a BIOS update you could try reflashing, but it wouldn't be worth doing really unless you are having some other issues.
  12. Do you have Hyperthreading on, or is it off? You might want to watch the beta forum, I am looking for victims--er volunteers--to help test upcoming versions.
  13. The upload test uses an outgoing FTP connection for the upload test. http://www.pcpitstop.com/faq/firewall.asp You can skip the upload test with the debug page: http://www.pcpitstop.com/pcpitstop/debug.asp It sounds like Kerio is having a problem that causes the BSOD. If you remove Kerio and it still happens, let us know. Otherwise it sounds like Kerio/Sunbelt would need to fix it.
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