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  1. Can you post a link to your test results? We can see what is running and identify it for our database.
  2. That Toshiba MK2035GSS drive has really low specs (4200RPM!): http://www.toshibastorage.com/main.aspx?Pa...rives/MK2035GSS If you have a flash slot on that notebook, you might try putting a 2GB card in there that Vista can use for swap space. It won't help your pit scores though.
  3. Honestly! A flash ad is not adware. It's an ad. Joe, are you actually saying that we--the folks who run this site--are trying to infect your computer by showing a flash ad? Perhaps you can explain that comment a bit better. Please do block the ads if you want. There's no requirement to view them.
  4. What http address is showing when you get that message?
  5. Most likely there is a bottleneck somewhere between our site and your house that doesn't exist between you and the other bandwidth site. Can you go here and run the test on each server, then report them?http://www.speakeasy.net/speedtest/ Sorry, our forums are kind of broken right now but we're working on a solution that involves unspeakable acts to our current hosting company.
  6. Our results are in bits, and as you can see the upload results are pretty close for both tests. Where is the location of the "speed test" server?
  7. Well, looking at your test results... oh wait, I can't see your test results! Can you post a link? See the link labeled TechExpress on this page for instructions.
  8. You need to sign up on the main site, it's separate from the forums.
  9. Well, you might as well start IE once and fix the tip just to make it go away. That will buy you 10 points. There isn't any way to switch drives, it always uses C for the score.
  10. External drives don't cache writes, which means they perform lower than internal drives. It's possible to turn on the write cache but it's dangerous. There is also one known performance bug related to 1394 on XP, you can get the patch here: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/885222 If the device can do USB2 you could switch to it.
  11. Looks like you solved it. What did you do?
  12. Remember though that these tests are only checking 2D graphics, not the 3D graphics. So I wouldn't use them to compare gaming performance.
  13. I hate those guys. Note that they are at the top of our Top25 list. Looks like they are being served out by TribalFusion, I have blocked askjeeves.com and that should prevent them from showing. BTW, is anyone else seeing the top ad showing up too far down the page? I am still running IE7 beta 1 on this system so maybe it's just that.
  14. Congrats to Temerc and all the MVPs! I give you all the Paula Abdul clapping icon of glee!
  15. Last month we updated the tests, and it caused some systems to go up and others to go down. The comparison database should be updating tonight and maybe we'll have some good numbers to compare at that point. There is one remaining issue with Hyperthreaded Intel systems that causes them to show low performance. Haven't figured that one out yet but we'll be tackling it in a new beta eventually. Keep an eye on the beta section if you're interested.
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