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  1. Good news! Thanks for reporting back on this.
  2. irvrea, what did you find when you tried the stuff I mentioned in the post just above yours? Does Performance Monitor show you the counter?
  3. Well, I can't make it break on my system. Try this. Start Performance Monitor: Start | Programs | Administrative Tools | Performance Add the counter for CPU load: Click the + icon on the toolbar. For Performance Object select Processor. For the Counter select % Processor Time. If the counters show up in a language other than English, we won't see them. If you don't see those counters, your performance counters have been corrupted by some program. There is a program named exctrlst.exe that you can download from the MS site to help figure out what did it: http://www.mic
  4. I believe it's the Windows Management Instrumentation. I can't check it at the moment. Have you changed the services from the default setup? Also, is this version of XP using the English language?
  5. Actually, I think we all might want to get the chance to do some folding on Merlin, if we could get our hands on him.
  6. Mindfful, check on the Viruses and Spyware section of the forums here, there were some recent threads about people's favorite AV programs. I've used the free AVG on several systems I set up for others and have been happy with it.
  7. Here are a few things you can try: * Kill all the background stuff that is listed in blue on your running programs list. Click on each item and it will tell you how to turn it off. * Change your access number using AOL setup. * See if you can get a new modem driver or modem firmware, perhaps the stuff you have has bugs. * Replace the modem with another one, modems are very inexpensive nowadays. * Unplug every other phone and phone device from the line, to see if they are interfering with the modem. * Replace the phone cable that connects the modem to the wall--jus
  8. Well then, all we need to do is convince the Israeli government and Z10N and we're done.
  9. I certainly wasn't saying you were lying. It sounds very possible. If I could reproduce it I would contact McAfee. As for whether anyone else has had this happen, you're the first one who has reported it. But I am glad that you did, because if there is some sort of problem with McAfee's system then other people may be encouraged to report it here as well. That is why we are so insistent about using the forums as our way of communication, rather than doing these things by email. I agree that it's a lot of hassle for ten bucks. Really it's just a question of whether you want to resolv
  10. mindfful, what company is shown on your credit card statement as the one that charged you? As a few of the others have said, you can contact your credit card company (most offer the same policy for a debit card) and dispute the charge if you didn't get everything you were promised. You will probably need to provide a copy of the web page that says you would get both the download and the CD for that price.
  11. Just enable cookies for their site, that should let you get to the page. It's possible that some browser setting or blocked cookies on your system is what caused the original download failure.
  12. Be careful there, mowing while drunk can be dangerous. The great Baltimore Colts quarterback Earl Morrall cut off part of his big toe while MUI (mowing under the influence). The good news is that he said it helped his passing.
  13. I replied above. PC Pitstop didn't sell you the product, McAfee did. If anyone can give you your money back or authorize a new download, it would be McAfee. We can't do either. We don't have the money, or the software. I went to the McAfee site and a few clicks later was on this page: http://www.mcafeestore.com/dr/v2/ec_main.e...0&pn=1&s1=q1#q1 Does that help?
  14. We can speculate all day and come to conclusions based on skimpy information from one side and our own biases, but really the best advice is to talk to a lawyer and think about what's best for the kids. The judge can do the rest.
  15. The Antivirus and Freescan virus scans have links to McAfee, they advertise on the site and that's one of the ways we can keep the site free. We don't handle any money or credit cards in the transaction. We just send folks over to McAfee to buy the product. The folks at McAfee should be able to help with product support.
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