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  1. Hey sho I have the same case and I love it :beer: . It is a very sturdy case and I like the constant temp. read out you get from the display at the top. It has tons of space on the inside and easy access I have had mine since they first came out. I purchased it at Fry's electronics about 6 months ago and paid 179.00 for it. Newegg.com has awsome prices I'm finding out... personally I have never used newegg.
  2. My bad you have it coverd mario..... insert foot in mouth.good job buddy
  3. Are you refering to all fans blowing in? I specialize in airflow being it's my buisness Quote: if all fans are blowing in then you create a positive pressure inside the case therefore the temp will rise. On the other hand though if you have openings on the case the pressure created will have some where to go. Just food for thought :beer: Edit: spelling
  4. Thanks OneCool for the info. :beer: I'll check it out.
  5. Does anyone know of a program that will give you the stepping of a cpu or do you have to look at the cpu itself to get it? I found this program after doing some research but I'm not sure it gives that info. http://www.amd.com/us-en/Processors/Techni..._2364%2C00.html :beer: Edit: I forgot to tell you the name of the program (CPUID)
  6. Now that's what I'm talking about . If things keep up the way they are here it'll be a bad summer for the fly's and skeeters. I more then welcome the cold.
  7. You got that right dickster I live in N. Richland Hills. It would be nice to get a cold freeze this winter. :beer:
  8. I'm convinced that this is one of the best setups to go with very impressive. :beer:
  9. Thanks so much for the great info. I like the idea of raid0 vs. raid1 even though for security reasons raid1 is better. I can always have a backup drive for that.I can see now that I may need to concider getting a different mb that supports 4 drives any suggestions on that? Thanks
  10. That is one kewl looking case :beer: . I just told the wife I have to get that case.Thanks for the link.
  11. That makes alot of since I know the 6800 requires alot of juice. I'd like to see what this case looks like.
  12. Dual power supplies.... hmmm I haven't heard of this what is the purpose of using two if you don't mind me asking?
  13. Since this board only supports two sata drives would there be an advantage getting a promise raid controller and going with the 4 raptors? I guess the big draw back of doing that is 150 vs. 133 using a pci controller right? A freind of mine was telling me about raid 10 it was the big thing now but don't have me lying Here is a site I found on raid 10 http://www.tech-report.com/reviews/2002q4/...id/index.x?pg=1
  14. It didn't cross my mind about this board supporting only two sata drives I looked at the manuel for this board and your correct about that. I guess I'll have to stick with only getting one more raptor. By the way I haven't seen Moe around lately.... he would have given me a good wack on the head for not researching that first before I spent the money nyuk,nyuk,nyuk. thanks for the info wolfeden :beer:
  15. Thanks so much for all of the great info. I'm convinced that the wd raptors using ntfs format is the most extreme way to go. I have just one more question is there a specific procedure to follow when setting up 4 drives using raid and what about raid10 ? ok that's two questions Thanks
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