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  1. but better gameplay, doom3 has linear gameplay
  2. .....i know all about you guys.....
  3. I'm not thinking about buying a new computer.
  4. Seeing that I'm a curious boy, I merely want to know. Of course I want to be able to afford it, but looks like I won't. Regards, guannyboy
  5. Can someone build the most powerful, fast, best home system that I can purchase today? Regards, guannyboy
  6. Okay, thank you guys very much! Regards, guannyboy
  7. Is Ad-aware 6.0 an adequate spyware scanner or do I need more? Regards, guannyboy
  8. LOL Haha, you really do press the power button.
  9. I have nothing to say but to call your isp. If you by any chance have my provider, good luck! Regards, guannyboy
  10. No, I did'nt have to configure it. It just worked. Thanks guys! Regards, guannyboy
  11. Wow that actually worked! Thank you guys, especially Bear and Bill! Regards, guannyboy
  12. Well, you see, I have this button on my keyboard that opens the Calculator if you press it. I was wondering about how to get that to work once I get your file. Thanks Chris! Regards, guannyboy
  13. No, it's like totally out of the system now. I cannot run it, or find it. For some reason, it just disappeared. Is there anyway I can get the file back or something? Can anyone of you guys send it to me or put it on a server? Please, I just really need my calculator back! Regards, guannyboy
  14. Well, I have a weird, if not stupid question. My calculator that comes with the system seems to have disappeared. How do I get it back? Regards, guannyboy
  15. Why is this worthless? Some of the other threads that I have gone to don't answer all my questions. I would be more than happy if you can find me a thread that can answer all my questions. I'm just a curious person that has some questions. Regards, guannyboy
  16. Please leave comments but don't just state which one is better. Can anyone give me a solid reason why AMD scores better than Intel in the Pit. Does that neccessarily mean they perform better in real life applications? Also, what does the FSB really do? I see that AMD is mostly 400 mhz and Intel is mostly 800 mhz. Does that also mean that Intel performs better in that aspect? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Regards, guannyboy
  17. I did, but my best test results are the ones with that name. guannyboy
  18. Congratulations guys! Wishing you guys the happiest marriage, guannyboy
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