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    D865PERLL motherboard 512 PC3200 RAM 2.4 Ghz Northwood 800 Mhz FSB SONY CD-RW CRX225E GeForce FX5200 Western Digital 80 GB 7,200 RPM
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  1. but better gameplay, doom3 has linear gameplay
  2. .....i know all about you guys.....
  3. I'm not thinking about buying a new computer.
  4. Seeing that I'm a curious boy, I merely want to know. Of course I want to be able to afford it, but looks like I won't. Regards, guannyboy
  5. Can someone build the most powerful, fast, best home system that I can purchase today? Regards, guannyboy
  6. Okay, thank you guys very much! Regards, guannyboy
  7. Is Ad-aware 6.0 an adequate spyware scanner or do I need more? Regards, guannyboy
  8. LOL Haha, you really do press the power button.
  9. I have nothing to say but to call your isp. If you by any chance have my provider, good luck! Regards, guannyboy
  10. No, I did'nt have to configure it. It just worked. Thanks guys! Regards, guannyboy
  11. Wow that actually worked! Thank you guys, especially Bear and Bill! Regards, guannyboy
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