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    Windows 8 preview

    I just read that Windows Defender is the new mse and I just got an update for it. http://news.softpedia.com/news/Windows-8-Consumer-Preview-Windows-Defender-MSE-256470.shtml
  2. mel8again

    Windows 8 preview

    To shut down go to the lower right side and the above the clock and you will get the five symbols. Click on Settings and you will get a shut down option.
  3. mel8again

    Windows 8 preview

    I installed Win 8 yesterday. Before doing it I was told Microsoft Security Essentials would have to be uninstalled. After doing so Windows Defender was activated again in Win 8 and although I have not installed a new antivirus program, Windows is not asking for one. Security must be built in and not shown? I downloaded a file and when completed a security scan was automatically run. If I right click on the file there is no Scan with on the menu. Anyone know?
  4. My browser put up a red flag not to download from this site.
  5. The Quick Launch toolbar must be from older Windows. I am using Win7 and have 12 programs that I use most often pinned to the tasbar. I have some other programs assigned to keys. I also removed the Recycle bin from the desktop so there is nothing except the wallpaper. The recycling bin gets emptied automatically everyday as I use ccleaner.
  6. I found an easier one here. but before I did it I slipstreamed SP1 into Windows 7, made an ISO file and then burned it to a DVD using Nero 8 Burning ROM. When I finished I copied the new DVD to the bootable flash drive. I did not encounter any errors during the whole operation. Things I noticed: Diskpart does not work if you have more than one flash drive plugged in. On my computer I have to change the BOIS to bootup to the USB. The flash drive has to be plugged into the USB port in order to change it. After you have installed Windows and you remove the flash drive the bios reverts back to booting up from the hard drive. The USB ports are no longer first in the boot order. Maybe that's the way it's supposed to be and I just didn't know.
  7. has not set their status

  8. I just installed Photo Elements 7 and I get the same results as you. It is still easier to use Windows Explorer as I described in earlier post. By the way I downloaded and installed Windows Live Photo Gallery. It does just as good as or better than Elements and the email function does work.
  9. I have Win 7 but I am using Windows Live Mail. Is your Windows Mail account set up and working? Using Windows Explorer, just right click on the photo and select Send to on the menu and then Email Recipient. The photo will be reduced to a size suitable for email and all you have to do is add the email address and click on Send
  10. Hard to find any info on this laptop. It appears to be Austrialian and all I could find is the user manual. First, never use a vaccuum to clean anything electronic. It builds static electricity and can kill your equipment. Use compressed air (buy it at a computer store) and hold fan blades still using a pencil, toothpick, etc. Does the bottom of the unit come apart far enough to let you use the compressed air?
  11. I have read the problem several times and maybe I just don't understand, but when I right click on the link in signman's reply I get what you seem to asking about.
  12. mel8again

    SP2 for Vista

    Rebuilt my old computer today. Used Boot & Nuke and then reinstalled Vista Home Premium, SP1, along with about 50 updates. When I thought I was finished along came SP2. It takes a while but I downloaded it and installed. Now my computer says Vista Home Premium - 64 bit SP2. Anyone else have it installed yet? Read about it here.
  13. It depends on what bios you have. Look here.
  14. You can right click on the desktop and select New and then Shortcut. You get a box like this. Click on Browse and then go to C:Windows\ system32\shutdown.exe then add -s -t 3600. Click Next. That will give you one hour, 7200 if you want two hours, etc. Give it a name and click Finish. You will now have a icon on your desktop. Right click on the icon and select Properties. Click on Change Icon and it will tell you there is no icon for shutdown.exe. Click ok and a box will pop up. Select the red icon I have highlighted and click ok. Now you will have a good looking icon you just click when you want.
  15. Nice Stormy! I have it working on Win 7 RC so it will probably work on Vista. I am using the pics in My Pictures. You can have the background change every minute if you like or days or specific time of day.
  16. Actually there are some about XP. Example here
  17. Running many years on XP or did you have it on some other platform? From what I can find out a lot of games have trouble in XP and some people get around it by running it in compatibility mode.
  18. Copy and paste the info in the address bar from your pit test into your next message
  19. Is 2006 the model number or year? Whole model number would be useful. Can you do a pit test so we can have a look?
  20. Clean it and see if the problem continues. If it does then you know it's not heat.
  21. Sounds like heat. Videos can create a lot of heat from the video card. Have you cleaned the inside of your computer lately? Don't use a vacuum as they create static electricity. Use canned air. Maybe someone else will come up with something else.
  22. I find it to be a great os. Installs under 40 minutes. I think the problems are on older hardware. Newer computers will run it just fine. I installed mine on an empty hard drive and I get a better score on pit tests than with Vista 64 bit home premium. I didn't even install the mobo drivers. UAC is almost non existent after changing the setting. Downfalls for me are that I can't install my Logitech web cam. Windows states that the original software and the latest is not compatilbe. Funny thing though I can use it in Live Messenger with no problems. I also have a few websites that won't, don't or take forever to render in IE8.
  23. The site works for me. I havn't made any changes to setting other than blocking third party cookies. I click on all six sites there every day.
  24. Gets me there also but instead of hard shutdown try tapping F2 on start up. Another thought from Woodro in another post. Go to run in start menu and type msconfig then boot tab and select safe boot and then restart computer and should boot to safe mode. See full post here
  25. My F8 key only gets me to what drive to boot from. For me to get to Safe Mode I have to hit the F2 key.
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