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  1. My Daughter had this trouble last week. I did all the things posted here, change ram etc. I did one extra thing though, I took the battery out of the motherboard, left it for 30 seconds, put it back in, and her computer fired up fine. She has not had any more trouble.
  2. Regarding your floppy disks. I have had the same trouble. The first question I was asked was, "How old is the floppy disk". Mine was created 2 years ago. I was then told that floppy disks do deteriorate fairly quickly, it is better to transfer all data on floppys to cdrom as soon as possible. Hope this helps a bit.
  3. I am a Welshman, very proud of it too. I have lived in Australia for 38 years and 1 day!! Question (1) What do you call a boomerang that does not come back? Answer below! (2) Why do Aussies call their beer xxxx (Four x) Answers:- (1) A stick. (2) They can't spell beer. :beer: :beer: :beer: :beer:
  4. All are very interesting replies, But let us get back to Champion Munch original question. As Champion Munch is in Australia, (Same as I am) there are very limited cable connections. Difference between ADSL and DSL in Australia, none. Some providers promise faster connections than others, in truth, they are almost the same. all of them.
  5. Hi Wendiau. I am a welshman, came to Australia 37 years ago. Worked for a stockbroker in London after service in the RAF. I had a job waiting for me in Melbourne, had interview in London. I now live in Ballarat, Victoria. Retired, worked for J.B.Were stockbroker in Melbourne. Married, 3 children, son 43, daughters aged 40 and 32. I am 72, my wife is 70. Got lost in Birmingham many times when I used to travel from Rhyl to Worthing every few weeks to see the In-laws. Have a sister and brother still in Wales, my other brother lives near Carlisle, UK. Speak to them often. Good luck to all at "The pit" great bunch of people. :beer: :beer:
  6. I had this problem last night with my Daughter's computer. It would show COM1, windows reported no conflicts, but the modem would not work. In desperation, in control panel-modems, I removed the modem, In my computer-dial up networking, I removed the connection icon. Rebooted, put modem installation disk in cdrom, clicked start-run-browse, the icons were there (About 6) one was drivers, I clicked that, then a box came up SETUP, clicked that, then followed prompts. Finally, I got "Modem installed" Then, created a new dial-up in my computer. clicked connect, heard dialling, then got "Verifying user name and password", then "Logging onto network" Waited, waited, waited, 3 minutes, so closed. Went into my computer, dial-up network, right clicked the connection icon. A box comes up, select properties, if there is a tick in box which says,log onto network, untick it. Tried connecting again, verifying user name and password, SUCCESS!!! problem solved, now works great. Hope you have the same result kd5. Also, I hope that a few things I have mentioned will be of some benefit. Good luck, Maldwyn, aka (Taffy)
  7. My deepest sympathy Rob. I was shocked to hear of your sad loss.
  8. 72 years, and made the most of them up to now smile and be happy, you never know what is around the corner
  9. Browser. IE6 High 0 Medium 0 Low 0
  10. I smoke a pipe (But I don't inhale) Have heard that excuse somewhere before Pipe tobacco in this part of Australia is about $10 (US) Not a heavy smoker though, Also, I am not a drinker of alcoholic beverages
  11. Hey neo x1, if you are in the elf protection society You would have to be in the national elf service Over 70 Welshman and proud of it to :beer:
  12. I was a bit hesitant to install spyware blaster, but I bit the bullet and installed. It is brilliant I did have the problems of the missing files, but I just followed the instructions. If I can do it, anyone can!!
  13. Name Edward. married, have 3 children (42) (39) (31) 9 grandchildren Age 71 Height 5'9" Weight 187 Hair brown (Silver sides) Eyes Hazel Born in North Wales (Rhyl) came to Australia in 1967, never been back to Wales.
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