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  1. Yes dasudevil, it sounds like alot of stuff to do just to defrag but, I think it is best to get rid of all the junk files by running spyscans, antivirus scans and disk clean ups. This way you won't be wasting time and disk space by organizing junk files. It can really add time to a defrag depending on how many of these files you have on your computer. Also, I turn the system restore off because if you don't, all those junk files will still be in the restore file including any spyware and viruses you may have. By defraging in safe mode with only the bare minimum of programs running you get a maximum amount of files optimized. If you just go to the start menu, accessories, system tools, defrag... you still have many programs running in the background and whatever programs and processes are running cannot be defragmented. Even if you skipped turning off the Pagefile and startups and processes, by defraging in safe mode and shutting off the restore will still give you a better defrag. I'm trying to remember where I learned this way of doing it. I believe it was from www.langalist.com newsletter. I'll look for the link and post it for you. And to answer your question... they are both safe for your system. One is just more thourogh than the other. Besides, you have to do spy scans virus scans and dump junk temp files anyway so I do it all at one time about every other week or every week, depending on how much I have used my computer. Hope this is of some help. Take care, Ironjaw
  2. Hello everyone, Let me describe how I go about the defrag proccess on my XP Home SP2 machine. The op system is on a 40GB drive split in half... C: for windows and D: for programs. I also have a 300GB drive split into 4 partitions running as slave drive. This is how I go about it: 1. Clean out all the temps, run spyware programs, virus scan, drive clean up etc... 2. Run scandisk. 3. Turn off sytem restore for all drives and all partitions. 4. Turn off the Pagefile 5. Go to System Config Utility (msconfig) - "Services" tab and check the "Hide Microsoft Services" box, then uncheck all boxes that are left showing. 6. Go to the "Startup" tab - uncheck all boxes. 7. Go to the "Boot.ini" tab - Check the "/Safeboot" box. 8. Restart computer and defrag in Safe mode. After defrag is complete, I go back to the System Config Utility and un-check /Safeboot, reset the Services and Startup boxes and restart. After restart, I reset the Pagefile and System restore. I know this sounds like alot of hassel for some people but, after you do it a couple of times it's becomes easy to do and doesn't take too long. Of course, not all drive partitions need defraging everytime but I do them anyway. I've been doing it this way for a couple of years now with no problems. I'd appreciate any comments about my plan of "defrag attack". Maybe there is something I am missing. Do you agree with my plan or disagree? Thanks in advance everyone, Ironjaw
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