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  1. I'm looking for something for work. I work with VOIP and we often use pingplotter to test routes between us and customers to see if there is any jitter/loss. We were using a free trial of it, and time has come where we need to buy it or dump it. I'm hoping to find something "better". Right now, we have it running off of the server and can get to it via HTTP, we're hoping to get something like that, Pingplotter runs really slow though. For functionality we need basic QoS (Jitter, Loss, and Ping time) also a way to export data. So is there anything better than ping plotter for this?
  2. Have you tried pinging the router? Are you able to reach the router from that computer? You can also try the following commands: netsh int ip reset resetlog.txt - Reset TCP/IP stack netsh winsock reset log.txt - Reset winsock (SP2 only) The first command if successful will no echo anything. The second will say "Winsock successfully reset". If you can ping the router, next try nslookup on www.google.com and see what you get.
  3. Windows 98 FIFO buffers: 1. Start 2.Settings->Control Panel 3. Double click on Modems 4.Click on the modem and go to properties. 5.Click on Advance. 6. There should be an "Advance Port Settings" or something along those lines. CLick that and bump them up
  4. What you may want to try doing is increasing your FIFO buffers. What version of Windows is it?
  5. Resets the TCP/IP settings. Would be the same as reinstalling TCP/IP in earlier versions of Windows.
  6. I'm assuming it's xp. Try this: 1. Go to Start 2. Click on Run 3. Type in cmd 4. in the box type in "netsh int ip reset log.txt" and hit enter Restart and see it that helps.
  7. So pinging works but not surfing? First, are you pinging an IP address or the actual domain name? (i.e. or www.google.com) If you're pinging an IP address and it works fine, then try pinging the domain. If it doesn't work there, it's a DNS issue and we can go from there . Second, are there any firewalls on your computer that could be blocking IE/Firefox?
  8. Just wondering if anyone got the Verizon FiOS yet, it's in my area, and cheaper than Comcast which I have now, I'm really considering it. Just wondering if anyone has it and if so how good it is. I mostly game so ping is the big factor, the bandwidth ($34.95 for 5mbps down/2mbps up, $44.95 for 15 down/2 up) looks good *drools*.
  9. Nope, that's the problem, Bios reads 8x, card won't go passed 4x
  10. God yes, I got the 2.13 integrated. Bios is set at 8x. Edit: That "God yes" was not a reply of fustration about you guys helping me out. I'm grateful, it's a "God yes" that the ASRock drivers sucked beyond belief
  11. I have the ASRock Dual-SATA ULi board. And as I said before, I've reinstalled the AGP drivers and then the vid drivers whenever I reinstalled windows.
  12. Alright, this is my last bump, if I don't get anything I'm gonna just let it die and try to figure it out myself. After many problems I decided I'd reinstall windows. So I've done that, reinstalled the latest chipset drivers, installed the latest Forceware, and the card is STILL only running at 4x. Think it's possible that it's the drivers? Maybe try a different version?
  13. If I would've only realized how much a pain in the this was going to be. I had to uninstall and reinstall the AGP drivers and Forceware multiple times so far. The ULi chipset drivers won't install at all, the integrated doesn't show the AGP drivers. The AGP drivers from ASRock gives me a "64 bit Windows comes with AGP drivers. Install only special patch!". And I'm running 32bit.
  14. It's the ULi chipset, I'm gonna download the latest drivers for that, I'm pretty sure that would change the chipset max AGP though, not the GPU max AGP. Could be wrong...
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