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  1. Restoring the missing Recycle Bin and Control Panel in Windows 7's Explorer Pane. These system folders are missing by default from the Explorer pane by default. If you prefer having these folders in sight, you can easily restore them to view. Simply click Tools, Folder Options, check "Show all folders," and click OK. Now all your familiar System Folders are visible in Explorer. The following screenshots make these instructions a little easier to follow: (This enhances an article found in Windows Fanatics)
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    They also have a good sense of humor.....
  3. Fix it for me is Microsofts answer for this not to uncommon problem. To fix this problem automatically, click the Fix this problem link. Then, click Run now button from the Automated Troubleshooting Services page and follow the steps in this wizard. Fix this problem
  4. An alternative suggestion: I use this every day to keep my irreplaceable files safe. Details For the rest of the files that I want to be able to recover easily, I use: SyncBack Freeware V3.2.26.0 I back these files up to an external drive. You can also use a thumb drive if it's large enough.
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    Just don't show up in my neighborhood.....
  6. audiodg.exe file hosts the audio engine for Vista, and from what I hear Windows 7 as well. All the DSP and audio processing is performed within this file. Vendors are able to install their own DSP and audio effects into the audio pipeline, which will then be processed by audiodg.exe. Disabling Audio Effects In order to fix the high CPU usage, I disabled the audio enhancements processed by the audiodg.exe file. To disable the audio enhancements, use the following steps: Right-click the speaker icon in the lower right corner. Select Playback Devices from the menu. A list of devices should appear on the screen. Double-click the device that has a green checkmark. The properties windows for that device should open. Click the Enhancements tab at the top. From the list of enhancements, uncheck all of them, or click the Disable all enhancements checkbox. Click the OK button to save your changes and close the window. 7. Click OK to close the Playback Devices window. ( The full article can be found at http://technicallyeasy.net/2009/03/fix-audiodgexe-high-cpu-usage/ )
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