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  1. Guys, I suggested this software here because of its slimness (as noticed by oftentired). At first I thought of it as an isolation of the Startup tab in Msconfig. =)

    I didn't know it had crapware because, as I said before, I downloaded and ran its portable version, which has nothing but the app itself.*

    As for WinPatrol, I purchased it years ago and have used it for a while. It's very good but covers many more areas, so I think it's kind of overkill if you just want to remove startup entries.

    Another option is good old Autoruns. It's also free.


    *Nowadays I follow this rule of mine: if it has a portable version, try it first.

    Since Winpatrol is already installed, how can it be overkill ?

  2. I would not characterize it as "pre-loaded" or as "all kinds". The installation file for the KCcleaner gave me the choice to install one (1) additional piece of software which I did not install.


    This is something to expect when you obtain a free program without paying for it. :note1::note2::note1:

    If you only spotted one additional install than you missed quite a bit. Better check your computer.

    This kind of abusive addition of garbage isn't something that you should have to watch out for. It's a program you simply avoid. :)

    As cain_tree boy mentioned, simply use Winpatrol, no extras just an excellent program.

  3. Posted Image



    When I go to Windows Activation, I get the following:

    Posted Image



    When I select the activate the following happens:

    Posted Image



    Does any one have an answer Posted Image (The product is genuine that's why this doesn't make any sense.)

    Mystery solved:



    Enter the following into the search box:

    slui.exe 3

    (notice the space between exe and 3)



    Select the item found under Apps:

    Posted Image



    and you'll see the following:

    Posted Image



    Now simply fill in your activation Key and you'll wind up with the following result:

    Posted Image



    Since it took quite a few hours and some luck to find this, I thought this might save someone else from getting a headache.

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