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  1. Guys, I suggested this software here because of its slimness (as noticed by oftentired). At first I thought of it as an isolation of the Startup tab in Msconfig. =)

    I didn't know it had crapware because, as I said before, I downloaded and ran its portable version, which has nothing but the app itself.*

    As for WinPatrol, I purchased it years ago and have used it for a while. It's very good but covers many more areas, so I think it's kind of overkill if you just want to remove startup entries.

    Another option is good old Autoruns. It's also free.


    *Nowadays I follow this rule of mine: if it has a portable version, try it first.

    Since Winpatrol is already installed, how can it be overkill ?

  2. I would not characterize it as "pre-loaded" or as "all kinds". The installation file for the KCcleaner gave me the choice to install one (1) additional piece of software which I did not install.


    This is something to expect when you obtain a free program without paying for it. :note1::note2::note1:

    If you only spotted one additional install than you missed quite a bit. Better check your computer.

    This kind of abusive addition of garbage isn't something that you should have to watch out for. It's a program you simply avoid. :)

    As cain_tree boy mentioned, simply use Winpatrol, no extras just an excellent program.

  3. Warning

    As good as this good as this program may be, it comes preloaded with all kinds of Toolbars and other


    unwanted crap. If you aren't extremely careful, you'll wind up with more garbage on your computer than you

    ever expected to get from innocent download.

  4. Thanks nigsy,

    It took a lot of digging.


    @ Joe C,

    You are correct that it will not be available to the general public until Oct. 26th.

    My version was downloaded from Technet and isn't available to the general public.

    It is however the actual release of Windows 8 and not a beta version.

  5. Posted Image



    When I go to Windows Activation, I get the following:

    Posted Image



    When I select the activate the following happens:

    Posted Image



    Does any one have an answer Posted Image (The product is genuine that's why this doesn't make any sense.)

    Mystery solved:



    Enter the following into the search box:

    slui.exe 3

    (notice the space between exe and 3)



    Select the item found under Apps:

    Posted Image



    and you'll see the following:

    Posted Image



    Now simply fill in your activation Key and you'll wind up with the following result:

    Posted Image



    Since it took quite a few hours and some luck to find this, I thought this might save someone else from getting a headache.

  6. There are many ways to reach the finish line. I consider mine a little faster and more direct.

    In this case, the importance isn't how to we accomplish starting the backup but, that regular

    image back ups be made.

    Image back ups make a system infection an annoyance instead of a catastrophe. :)

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