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  1. there is no reinstall driver button but there is an update driver. when this is clicked you can either choose "let windows search for a driver" or "specify driver form list" there is no option to go to windows update. when "let windows search for a driver" is chosen, it tells us that the best driver is already installed. my father law has just told me he was fiddling around (he hasnt got a clue about pc's by the way) with creating a set-up disk. he doesnt know what he did but he managed to bring the D: drive back by using this set-up disk but then it suddenly disappeared again.
  2. sorry...ive lost the plot a bit, so what drvivers do i need to update, the cd drive, the motherbopard or a controller and as i said....if the driver disks are cd disks then he cant read them so where could i get them from?? sorry if i appear dense
  3. I think the only disks he has are on CD...which means he cant use them as the d: drive doesnt work
  4. hi, ive tried downloading aida to try it out. i dont have access to the problem pc at the moment so tried it out on my pc. I dont get any links to drivers when i hover my mouse over the D: drive. i was also wondering....if the problem PC has trouble recognising the D: drive, will it actually show up ion aida anyway?
  5. how would i know what drivers to install and where to get them from?
  6. i posted this post on this forum ages ago but dont think i ever got around to finding the answer....so here goes again my father-in-law has a laptop that has a dvd/cd drive. but for some reason it isnt being detected. when you look in My Computer there is the A: and C: but no D: in device manager he gets this screen here are his test results (this is an old one and all the flags have been dealt with) http://www.pcpitstop.com/techexpress.asp?i...SHRAW6KTAMSJKWX any ideas?
  7. i'll try rolling the drivers back tonight...it was getting a little late last night. i have had dirext 9 since i've had the PC which is about 1 yr. so thats not the problem. what i dont understand is......why do drivers cause problems. If its an new driver...surely it should be better than the last one and should run better
  8. game defo isnt the problem, i've been playing for ages. it is a recent problem i have 768mb ram so its not that either. when you say about updating driver....which one....do you mean the graphics card driver? it seems funny the sound goes weird just before it crashes so could it be the sound card drivers? i have updtaed them recently on the windows update page .
  9. thanks mate but..lol.....am i supposed to understand all that im not a techinical person so if someone could interpret that...i'd be grateful
  10. it says about getting the service pack for win2000...i have win xp
  11. hi guys, getting the blue screen of death. im playing a game and then the sounds go funny and then the bluje screen comes up and has a BAD_POOL_CALLER error. i've tried to look on google but the results all seem a bit techinical. i have windows xp any ideas on how to solve this cheers in advance
  12. maybe i better add some extra information for you guys as i have been trying to help welsh assassin. he had a geforce 2 graphics card and everything worked good but he wanted to upgrade it to get better settings on his games. he upgraded to the geforce ti 4200. everything looked brilliant until he played around with the settings too much and the screen went black. i told him to boot in safe mode to change the settings back. well somewhere between then and now things went :filtered: up. he did a system restore to an earlier date and had to reinstall the game and some of the drivers. since then, all his problems have started. hes tried changing drivers, defragging, virus checking, checking for spyware etc....but his machine is still sluggish when playing games (even at the lowest settings). he tried putting in his old graphics card again but still had the same problem. i will be going around his house his weekend to reformat....but hes looking for an answer before this date. if he doesnt get one, then it will be reformatted. (which is probably the best thing anyway ) i told him to post on here cus you guys (& gals) have helped me in the past and knew you could help him too. thanks in advance guys. please help him out!! Karlos
  13. this can't be for real GET A GRIP
  14. "when is a mongoose not a mongoose" the real answer is, when its a horse of course i can't believe i actually found that MOON - i dOn;t knOW whaT yOu arE on ABouT, #'';
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