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    asus p4c800-E dlx p4 3.0c @ 3.7 2x512-pc4000 2x80 g sata hd raid o ati 9800-pro
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  1. thats true the mother board will cost ya for a good one.. i think if you wait a little bit. they should be new boards out soon. and new rev chips... my next up grade will be gfx card.. then a i7 system.. down the road i have to start work on my sons trans am..
  2. i7 sounds good but its a lot more money and time.. ive been thinking i7 to.. buy a nother 9650 and sell your old one on ebay. go i7 down the road....
  3. here is some info for ya... http://www.extreme.outervision.com/article...n_bz_1100_1.jsp http://www.pcper.com/article.php?aid=583 hx 1000
  4. this one is very good less money.http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx...N82E16817139007
  5. it could be psu i use a corsair 750tx single 12v rail. with less hardware..
  6. i can run 4607ghz with 1.55v core 1.61 pll 1.5 cpu term.. 1.4- 1.42 mch core. LL enable. just for benchen. just to give you an idea. were to play.. have a read here should help. http://forums.tweaktown.com/f69/how-setup-...easytune-29746/
  7. to much volts. you need to set up cpu rfe and mch ref.try these cpu vcore 1.42v pll-1.61 cpu term1.4v. mch core- 1.38. cpu ref-850. mch ref-850 you have to set stock 1.2v cpu term first. then put 760 in. then set 1.4cpu term. cpu ref 850 and mch ref 850 should be good. in bios.
  8. thats a good oc. the cpu pll is hight try lower 1.57-1.61 pll. and set cpu ref 785 mch ref 800 in et6.. you have a good oc there. 333 with b strap is better per.
  9. give these a try. memory set pl=9 333-240b
  10. what speed you at now just work your way up its hard to get stable past 4.2 takes time. but you need to get off auto volts.. it over volts. thats what makes your temps hight.. 4.0- 4.2 should be no problem..
  11. your 9650 is a EO if so try 1.4-1.42=vcore 1.57= pll. 1.38-1.4 =cpu term. 1.38-1.4 mch core. cpu ref=800 mch ref=800 in et6. so 823 823 in bios. should work not sure what your memory is or what speed and strap you are running. i would try 333 200b strap. pl10 or 11. 1.1 for that FSB. if dont boot put memory all on auto . and see if it boots up.
  12. well start with the most volts you can run with temp and stay safe. i would stay under 1.4 v core and 1.4 cpu term.. i can run stable at 4.3ghz with 1.4 v core 1.38 cpu term. 1.57 pll. and 1.38 mch core. but temps start to run a little hight not bad but.. if i had water cooling i would be all good with those volts.. and cpu reference mch reference are key settings. need to play with them see what your cpu likes.
  13. my q9550 and gigabyte ep45-ud3p work very well your system is very close to mine. my temps 26-32-37-27at idle. the core with 37c stuck thats as low as it gows.. i use real temp 2.70 on air 1.365 volts set i bios. max temp 52-54c load. intel burn test.. some of your volts are to much. i use pll=1.57 cpu term=1.28 cpu vcore 1.326 LL=DIS mch core= NB =1.32v http://i38.photobucket.com/albums/e150/top...6test450ghz.jpg
  14. I did a update to my score thanks 486,407 3d marks a lot better..
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