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  1. MME: Thanks for the message, I presume that the first phrase is a typsits orrer.
  2. To Tx Redneck & Theoldgardener: thank your helpful replies. I have carried out much housekeeping, clearing Temporary files, Cookies etc and Defragged again with a considerable improvement in the download and upload rates. I tried further tests and the results vary considerably with the number and length of stages between my computers and the various servers. I can now live my computer in this condition without fretting. Actually, I prepared this reply last Friday but I collapsed at the keyboard and was rushed to hospital. I have now recovered but my wife has banned m
  3. I have been having problems recently trying to download files from the internet on to my DELL Dimension 4500 computer Today, the computer managed to complete the Pitstop tests but the whole process took over one hour. Most of the results were similar to those I have received in the past but the download speed was only 55Kb/s, clearly an intolerable slow speed. The details of my system are given below: I have run various programs,, Disk Cleanup, Spybot, Registry Mechanic, Defragment, Pitstop Optimize2, and Disk MD, all these before running the Pitstop tests. My other two compu
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